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Foods That Are High in Vitamin C

It is popular to be a powerful antioxidant and having results on immune function and skin health.

It is also important for collagen synthesis, connective cells, bones, tooth along with your little blood vessels (1Trusted Source, two).

The human body can't produce or even store vitamin C. Consequently, it is crucial to eat it frequently in amounts that are sufficient.

The current daily worth (DV) for vitamin C is ninety mg.

Deficiency symptoms embrace bleeding gums, constant bruising & infections, bad wound healing, scurvy and anemia (1Trusted Source, two).

Listed here are the top twenty meals which are loaded with vitamin C.

1. Kakadu Plums

It's the greatest recognized concentration of vitamin C, featuring as many as 5,300 mg per hundred grams. Just one particular plum has 481 mg of vitamin C, that is 530 % of the DV (three).

It is also full of potassium, vitamin E as well as the antioxidant lutein, which might profit eye wellness (4Trusted Source, 5Trusted Source).


The fresh fruit might have cancer fighting qualities, though human based research is lacking.

It is packed with vitamin C.

Research has discovered that vitamin C lowers sun damage to the epidermis, lessening improving, discoloration, dryness, and wrinkling its general appearance. Vitamin C likewise helps wound inflammatory skin conditions and healing as dermatitis (11Trusted Source).

Rose hips give 426 mg of vitamin C a hundred grams. Around 6 parts from this fruit provide 132 % of the DV and also promote healthier looking skin.

A eco-friendly chili pepper contains hundred nine mg of vitamin C, or maybe 121 % of the DV. In comparability, a red chili pepper delivers sixty-five mg, or maybe seventy two % of the DV (twelve, thirteen).

Moreover, chili peppers are loaded with capsaicin, the combination which is accountable for their warm taste. Capsaicin might furthermore decrease inflammation and pain (14Trusted Source).

There's also proof that about 1 tablespoon (ten grams) of white chili powder could help boost fat loss (14Trusted Source).

Green chili peppers have 242 mg of vitamin C a hundred grams. Thus, one eco-friendly chili pepper provides 121 % of the DV, while one particular white chili pepper provides seventy-two %.
5. Guavas

A six-week study concerning forty-five young, people that are healthy discovered that having 400 grams of peeled guava each day, or even around seven parts from this berry, significantly lowered the blood pressure of theirs and also complete cholesterol quantities (16Trusted Source).

Guavas have 228 mg of vitamin C a hundred grams. One guava fresh fruit provides 140 % of the DV because of this vitamin.

The vitamin C foods of sweet or perhaps bell peppers improves as they grow.

Consuming sufficient vitamin C is essential for the eye health of yours and could protect against cataract progression.

A report in more than 300 females noted that all those with increased vitamin C intakes had a thirty three % reduced risk of cataract development, when compared with all those with probably the lowest intakes (19Trusted Source).


Scientific studies show that diets very high in antioxidants as anthocyanins and vitamin C could lower oxidative damage related to chronic illnesses, which includes cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer (21Trusted Source, 22Trusted Source).

Blackcurrants include 181 mg of vitamin C a hundred grams.
8. Thyme

One ounce (twenty eight grams) of new thyme offers forty five mg of vitamin C, that is fifty % of the DV (twenty three).

Thyme along with other foods loaded with vitamin C boost the immunity of yours.
9. Parsley
2 tablespoons (eight grams) of new parsley include ten mg of vitamin C, supplying eleven % of the suggested DV (twenty six).

A two month study gave individuals on a vegetarian diet plan 500 mg of vitamin C two times one day with the meals of theirs. At the conclusion of the research, the iron levels of theirs had improved by seventeen %, hemoglobin by eight % and ferritin, and that is the stored type of iron, by twelve % (29Trusted Source).

Parsley has 133 mg of vitamin C a hundred grams.
10. Mustard Spinach

Mustard spinach has 130 mg of vitamin C a hundred grams.
11. Kale
Kale is a cruciferous veggie.

A glass of sliced raw kale provides eighty mg of vitamin C, or maybe eighty nine % of the DV. It likewise supplies huge levels of the carotenoids and vitamin K lutein and zeaxanthin (thirty two).

While preparing this particular vegetable decreases the vitamin C content of its, one particular study discovered that boiling, frying and steaming leafy greens can help introduce much more of the antioxidants of theirs. These powerful antioxidants may help lower persistent inflammatory illnesses (34Trusted Source).

Kale has 120 mg of vitamin C a hundred grams.
12. Kiwis
One medium kiwi packs seventy one mg of vitamin C, or maybe seventy nine % of the DV (thirty five).

Scientific studies show the vitamin-C-rich kiwifruit might help lower oxidative stress, decreased cholesterol and also boost immunity (1Trusted Source, 27Trusted Source).

Particularly, vitamin C helps the development of collagen, and that is the fibrous part the bones of yours.

A big 2018 review found that a substantial nutritional intake of vitamin C was related to a twenty-six % diminished chance of hip fractures as well as a thirty three % reduced chance of osteoporosis (43Trusted Source).


15. Lemons
Lemons have been awarded to sailors in the 1700s to stop scurvy. A full raw lemon, such as the peel of its, provides eighty three mg of vitamin C, or maybe ninety two % of the DV (forty four).

The vitamin C in orange juice in addition functions as an antioxidant.

When vegetables and fruits are reduce, the enzyme polyphenol oxidase is subjected to oxygen. This activates oxidation and spins the food brown. Adding fresh lemon juice on the uncovered surfaces functions as a barrier, stopping the browning method (45Trusted Source).

Lemons contain seventy-seven mg of vitamin C a hundred grams, with one medium orange delivering ninety two % on the DV. Vitamin C has powerful antioxidant benefits which enable it to maintain your cut vegetables and fruits from turning brown.
16. Lychees

Studies especially on lychee are unavailable. Nevertheless, this particular berry offers a lot of vitamin C, that is recognized for the role of its in collagen synthesis as well as blood vessel wellness (47Trusted Source).

Every additional serving of fresh fruits or maybe veggies lowered the danger by another seventeen % (47Trusted Source).

Lychees contain seventy-two mg of vitamin C a hundred grams.
17. Us Persimmons
You will find numerous different varieties.

American persimmons contain sixty-six mg of vitamin C a hundred grams.
18. Papayas
A cup (145 grams) of papaya offers eighty-seven mg of vitamin C, or maybe ninety-seven % of the DV (forty nine).

Vitamin C also aids mind and possesses powerful anti-inflammatory consequences in the brain of yours (50Trusted Source).

In a single study, twenty individuals with mild Alzheimer's have been provided a targeted papaya extract for 6 weeks. The results exhibited reduced inflammation and also a forty % decrease in oxidative strain (51Trusted Source).

Papaya contains sixty-two mg of vitamin C a hundred grams. A glass of papaya delivers eighty-seven mg of vitamin C, that could help enhance memory.
19. Strawberries
A glass of strawberry halves (152 grams) offers eighty-nine mg of vitamin C, or maybe ninety-nine % of the DV (fifty-two).

Strawberries include a potent and diverse blend of vitamin C, flavonoids, manganese, folate along with other helpful antioxidants.

Scientific studies show that as a result of the high antioxidant content of theirs, strawberries might assist in preventing cancer, vascular illness, diabetes and dementia (53Trusted Source).

One particular study in twenty seven individuals with metabolic syndrome discovered that eating freeze dried strawberries every day - the equivalent of three cups fresh - decreased cardiovascular disorders danger elements (54Trusted Source).

Strawberries contain fifty nine mg of vitamin C a hundred grams. A glass of strawberry halves delivers eighty nine mg of vitamin C. This healthy berry might help your brain and heart wellness.
20. Oranges
One medium sized orange provides seventy mg of vitamin C, that is seventy eight % of the DV (fifty five).

Widely consumed, oranges constitute a major part of soluble vitamin C intake.

Various other citrus fruit may in addition enable you to meet up with your vitamin C requirements. For instance, half a grapefruit has forty four mg or maybe seventy three % of the DV, a mandarin twenty four mg or maybe thirty nine % of the juice and the DV of 1 lime thirteen mg or perhaps twenty two % of the DV (fifty six, fifty seven, fifty eight).