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العنوان: starch company is your way to get ahead in the food industry
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Over the years, Tiba starch company  ( has proven their strength and effectiveness, especially with the great development in the food industry that has made survival for the owner of the starch company, because starch has the ability to enter into various products and industries due to the multiple and different benefits

Starch Company depends on starch, which is a sugar mixture of two types of carbohydrates, namely Amy lose and Amylopectin, both of which are polymer of glucose. Plants intentionally build starch as a way to store their excess Glucose

Biosynthesis, There are three types of starch in living plant cells that could help you in your starch company:
1- Primary starch: it is the starch of photosynthesis that is formed in green makers as a result of this process. Primary starch undergoes enzymatic reactions transformed into sugar, which enables it to transfer from one cell to another

2- During the transition, the sugar may experience reversible enzymatic reactions to give it a form of starch known as temporary starch

This starch may undergo enzymatic reactions to give sugar a second time. It is a ready-made energy exchange unit on demand

3- This sugar is transported through the tissues, where the raw material is what is known as the secondary starch, and this formation is within the colorless starch makers

Starch is one of the most common polymers in the human diet. Cereals and root plants are among the most popular sources of starch

Starch is used in home cooking, as well as in the food industry

starch company, is also help in filler in the event that it is added to wheat flour by 40% and this leads to an apparent improvement in the shape and properties of bread and volumetric lever in the manufacture of candy bars, by mixing flour with 3% of starch to increase its size, and in biscuit by 5 % To reduce gluten in wheat flour, to increase the viscosity of the texture of canned foods such as soup and sauce, and in the manufacture of frankincense (chewing gum), and a substance proven to the strength of some acidic dairy products, as well as in the manufacture of ice creams to increase its strength and viscosity. Starchy gels are used in preparing cooked and other types of milk. It is also used in the textile and gum industry