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هنا يمكنك مشاهدة جميع المشاركات التى كتبها هذا العضو . لاحظ انه يمكنك فقط مشاهدة المشاركات التى كتبها فى الاقسام التى يسمح لك بدخولها فقط .

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Rabi Leon shlama...Your criticism it is always supported by evidence and most of the time it is valet and this is what many likes about your articles , so to those who accuse you of this and that i hope they can spend more time in disputing your evidence by showing us the opposite and the mistakes in your article if it is not true

Mr John ..As my Dad told me that there was a time that 10 of 11 players of the national team of Iraq were Assyrians except Mohamed Thamir the goal keeper and this is something not only Assyrians should be proud of but all people of Iraq

 I find it very strange that the meaning of the word Chaldean is not understood by some till now even though it was explained by many scholars that the word Chaldean meant Magician and fortune tailors and the Bible indicate this clearly when God told Profit Ibrahim and with anger to leave the land of Magician and fortune tailors and further more why we are not looking at Bishop Sarhat Jamus tape on you tube and why we are not looking at the tape of Mar Bet Daweed (R.I.P , but above all lets read Essay of Mar Dali R.I.P when clearly said that this name of Chaldean was given to us by a Roman father when we were on a ship in Cypress   

Rabi Leon shlama . It been a long time since your last article and i am sure not only Manbar of Ankawa miss you but we miss you too due to your wonderful articles and as always. Regarding your subject i think only time will determine how wrong are those who are ignoring all the signs that you mentioned and i hope by the time they wake up to their mistakes it will not be too late   

Myoqra Disho wonderful video and with out any doubt this is the mother church of all time

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May the name of Al Ashouri always shine and become that spear in the eye and heart every traitor .We are proud of this name and who cares what someone like Fatoohi Adnan or Amer say

Rabi Antwan shlama um Eqarah . My question and if you can help . how many parties are there ? and which party you thing will look at all Christian with an eye of respect and love ? and is there parties that we wish that they never win

Aziza Rabi Antwan....How wonderful is your article and how sincere you are and as always to write about a subject that it is the concern of many Christians now .Rabi many months ago in an interview with H.B. Mar Meelis zaia on ANB Sat clearly indicate we should have Jabhat Ankaath so if we run into similar satiation we can do something and ask for all parties to unite but no one listen , it really hurt to see us all useless and unable to do something and those who are consider them self leaders of Christians and have millions but billions sitting in Rome standing and watching and offering only prayers shame on them

What an historical event and what a beauty of organizing it and wow to the Raza and Taqsa we should preserve and love  , no wonder it is called the mother church of all ACOE

Azizi Shamas George....how could we unite with a church that is divided to 4 and have 3 to 4 Bishops resigned and 1 Metrapolita please just ask yourself

Mr Fatohi,,,Not only your history knowledge is poor but also your request to discard are name ( Ashouri ) make you look ridiculous especially when it come from some one call him self Shamasha . which it makes me wonder if you have any connection to Amer Fatohi because both of you share the same hate and jealousy from the greatest name that we keep dear to are heart and continue to be proud of it, So keep dreaming

Rabi Antwan shlamah Atorayah....European and American will pay a huge price for allowing so many Muslims entering their countries . France and in specific city of Marcel Muslims burned that city just for a school did not allow a Muslim girl to wear Al Hijab , I am sorry to say this but Islam is a cancer and if you don't remove it in time you will pay a dear price for it

Rabi Adnan you are not only 100 % correct but 1000 % , they have ton of problems in their church and it is from top to bottom and especially when you 3 Bishops resign and 1 Arch Bishop

Jan Aziza....Yes we are all for unity but I can assure you by reading what the Old Calander church is asking for lately the answer will be NO and I hope I am wrong ...By the way a friend of mine is asking for your phone number

What a great history they left us that we are all proud to be a part of it and if God say Assyrians the work of my hand and Assyrians my instruments then how could not be proud , may the blessing of God be upon their soul and forever

What a great history to a great nations and despite all the tragedy we kept our faith and language and become more stronger because we are the proud Ashoorayah

May God bless the soul of every single one that gave his life so the rest of their generation can stay strong and keep the great hope and keep the language and history of Assyrians alive

 Assyrian church of the east evangelist went and preach Christianity to the world and in specific from the land of Mesopotamia were they reach China and Mongolia and many other places Mr Zaid Mesho and it was not Rome because at that time Rome used to feed Christians to lions and that's why we are proud Assyrians no one bought us and no one brain washed us and no one controled us and the latest events that took place between San Diego church and the church leader was not only a sad situation but a clear weakness and clear indications of lack of power in making your own decision 
Now regarding this unity that H.B.Mar Rofiel Sako indicate , please allow me to assure you that no Assyrian is willing to a band the great history of his and the great language and many more to give it all away to some one from Latin America to come and teach us religion or to solve our problem
My question to you Mr Zaid and since you know about Yokhana Solaqa and year 1552 is What was your grand fathers speak and what church they belong to and who was the first to name you Chaldian in Cyprus over the ship that R.I.P Mar Dali was there also and you can and read this on his own Essay     

Rabi Gewarges ,,,there was never a letter from the head of the Kaldian church directed to ACOE in specific regarding unity . but a letter speaking about unity on the pages of Ankawa.com and other internet forums but directed to ACOE,,,NO

Should I call you a master of deception or a funny comedian . simply your articles that I pass by are always full of holes that no one knows which lie to patch , brother you know that such articles of yours can be played on those who wish to be called fools in believing a ward from you , other wise how could you call one a hero for bringing the biggest division among brothers and sisters and how you can call someone that stole churches and register them in his name fabuloso. May the blessing of God be upon you wishing you the best always

Myoqra Rabi Antwan....they say if you lie once you are going to need 100 more lies to cover for that first one. Those who claim the Kaldian language or Al Qawmayah Al Kaldanyah they know clearly that there is no such thing at all , but possibility that they can pull such a gimmick on those who does not have the history back round  but not on those who knows their back round and knows who is Yokana Solaqa and all of that. When 3 previous kaldian church leaders refuse to admit such kaldian qawmayah is a strong indication of the truth and what makes it more strong is the statement of Bishop Jamu on you tube also make a great statement to support the truth against their claim , but above all we should respect such claim because it is a free country and they can claim whatever they like but trust me they will never have the support or the leg to stand on when it comes to prove their claim , because what ever Amer Fatohi write (lies and fabrication) or Bishop of S.D.change his own father Yousip books will not help at all. But again it is freedom of speech and we are all free
Rabi Antwan honestly we should all congratulate Al Rabatah Al Kaldanyah simply because a friend told me that the first issue that they are going to tackle is going to be the language were they will in force churches and families to speak the Assyrian language the language that their grand parents spoke and with that is a win for all   

Rabi Antwan shlamah...it is true what you said and there is no doubt about it and I agree that more power should be given to Mar Rofiel Sako in making decision that concern his own people because he have way more knowledge than an outsider and with that his own people should demand such power to be given to their own patriarch from Rome

Shamas shlama..Every one of us is looking forward to see the two churches unit but all churches as Jesus our lord wont us to do that , but at same time there are some questions that we need all to understand and I hope one of the reader or you Shamasha can in light us if possible ...
1- The Old Calendar church have a lot of problems as 2 to 3 Bishops resign and 1 arch Bishop and the church itself is split
2- ACOE extended the hand of unity to them previously and for many times to receive an answer not now or will let you know
3- Why now and suddenly after the death of H.H and are they thinking and for a minute to have H.H.Mar Adai to be in charge and this is where I think they are strongly wrong

To re write history with lies and fabrications will not help you at all . It is important to understand the meaning word of Chaldian as it got mentioned in many Holy books and then ask our self why not even one previous patriarch called it a Qawmayah then talk about your fake IMBRATORAYAH that exist in your dreams only . also when we talk about the fall of great city of Ninveh and with out a doubt it was not in the hand of Chaldian as you claim but those who were readers of Falak and magicians that were called Caldo that lived inside betrayed and helped in the fall of the great empire by opening the gates of Ninveh to enemy

Because we kept the language and we kept our great history and always been proud of it and not allowed influence of foreigners dictate our believes neither change us was and still the indications that we are not in need in such  ( Rabitah ) simply because are forefathers planted the seeds of loving Etan and Omtan together since childhood   

Rabi Antwan what you write simply is remarkable due to your honesty and being in details which it makes you with out a doubt the best including couple more writers that I have a lot of respect for. God bless you and keep you strong so we can enjoy your talent in your every article

Talal Al zobai known to be bought by all for any amount of $ , imagine one HAFI that does not know how to sign his name telling us who are the original people of Iraq , wallah zaman

Azizi Abd  ...I am not going to go back and forward because each of us have all the righst to claim whatever he wont to claim , but I was trying to help Mr Assad to read Cardinal Dali (RIP) Essay as he explain how the name of Chaldian came and how was the name put on them and by who and where 

Friends this subject we all wrote and talked about often and to tell you the truth it become a boring subject for the following reasons
You can not claim a Qawmayah if you have no language and letters to the language that you claim , also I ask the writer himself to watch his own Mar Rofiel Bet Daweed (RIP) video and neither I will ask him to watch the video of his own Bishop Jamu , but I will ask him to spend some time and read Cardinal Dali (RIP) ESSAY yes his Essay about the name of Caldians and who decided to give them this name in Cyprus . Books of Mr Fatohi will not help to create a Qawmayah because it is build on lies and fabrications completely and have no legs to stand on when it comes to proves

Job well done Myoqra Ashoor , what you listed not only is on your mind but on the mind of many 

Only great men they have the bravery that you have and I salute you for that

Rabi Leon I really wont to congratulate you on such outstanding article , you took us all back to this great church history that no one can deny and for that I salute you and with out a doubt you are a Gem to this nation that no one can doubt , history of this church will stay in are heart because in it we see how great is this nation

A perfect explanation by Ashuri Assil , God bless you because it is the truth

I do wish MR Habib Tomi a speedy recovery and a Happy Easter and to MR Leon Barkho I say thank you also for his classy attempt

Aziza Eddie with out a doubt NO , but we need to think do I need to answer those who does not know history but hate and jealousy control them ?

Myoqra Eddie we don't need to prove nothing to no one because we know who we are proudly , 2000 years ago and more God protect us and we are still shining and more determin to keep who we are as an Assyrians and will continue to do that and protect our heritage for another 2000 years to come because this is a message that it been passed to all of us from every Assyrian mother and father to their children and because of that we protected our language and faith and no one was able to effect on us , simply because we know who we are 

Mar Rofiel Sako did an excellent job and he did more than enough and it so funny that most of those who point the fingers so far done nothing  . Job well done and we thank you for what you did

Job well done Myoqra Abdallah , with out a doubt an outstanding subject not to mention your subject was to the point and I thank you for that

H.H.(rest in peace) build for Assyrian church of the east a strong foundation with young educated Bishops and Arch Bishops full of love and devoation to their Etah and Omtah Atorayata and that's scared many to see this church growing stronger and stronger by starting their attack on some of them falsely . Mr khoshabah the church that survived for 2000 years will continue to survive for another 2000 years. Again to H.H we say thank you and rest in peace your Etah will be in good hands

Your Holiness rest in peace you did the best for your church and the sons and daughters and your holy father and we all thank you for that , please remember that the God that protect this nation over 2000 years still have the sons and daughters who can carry the torch of this church for another 2000 years ....RIP

Job well done Rabi Aprim , with in this article do good or bad but it is a part of history . Rabi Aprim and Eddie Benyamen did an outstanding job in highlighting some events from pass history.

The name Al Ashouri was always and still a name that every Iraqi loved and was proud of it ,Al Ashoury brought to Iraq culture Education and history and athletes and more and that's why this name will be loved and respected by all and for ever


Mr.Khalid many thanks for your help and God bless you

 Mr Nabati best regards , I think there was no reason even to waste your time to write your article about Fatohi , simply because no one can change a man full of hate and jealousy and lies if he does not change by himself and sometimes it is true when they say tell me who are your friends and I will tell you how you are

Rabi Antwan thank you so much for a very educational subject and as always from history that many of our young generation will benefit from reading it

Job well done Rabi Leon as always , I see complete truth and to the point in your article and your honesty is the main reason that some are bothered by , some who expect you to be dishonest and join them in their mission of twisting the truth

We all know that Mar Nistores choose to be a part of Assyrian church of the East for a very simple reason and that was the wonderful thinking and education of above church at that time . He strongly thought that philosophy of above church match his philosophy . Mar Nistores when he talked many thought that God was talking , but due to jealousy of others from him that were unable to keep with his bright and amazing thinking pushed them to conspire on him. Many thanks and admiration to Rabi Abdullah for this wonderful

Rabi Khoshaba...Happy New Year to you and to your family , i am just shocked by your stand toward not only this issue where you try to be save by being in the middle even though you know the truth and you know also that Mar Rofieel is following the law in this, but if i am not wrong and from your previous writing you supported someone also that stole churches and register them in his name and put them in deep financial trouble and still supported him and you did not ask yourself once then if the church was wrong then why it went to court and for that i am really putting a question mark about this     

Above names are good names that deserve the respect

With out a doubt Rabi Leon deserve such a title because he is a man with a class and very honest in what he write and to the point, so for that such people deserve the love and respect of many of us if not all

Taqsa and Raza and language it been kept and preserved as it is in Assyrian church of the East

Myoqra Rabi Leon...You are way too smart for some people that can not accept the truth and that is why Einstein said...GREAT SPIRIT HAVE OFTEN ENCOUNTERED VIOLENT OPPOSITION FROM WEAK MINDS

Rabi Khoshaba.....Each can claim whatever he likes but History and Historian will be kind to those who cab prove their claim and to those who the world know them by their real name not to mention the Bible itself because to fake history you will need to lie and lie and lie and then you will find out that you was unable to change things     

Mr.Youkana... They say give the credit to those who deserve the credit , and in this case let me assure you that people like you and Mr.Leon and Mr.Sana and Mr.Bet Daweed and Lucin that i have a lot of respect for their writing. Every one of you is a school by itself for writing some amazing subject and answers that no one should challenge at all simply because your goal is the truth not your tribe or sect or friendship or church . People like you deserve the credit and the respect of all. Please in light us  with some more history subjects wishing you all the best

Job well done Mariam and may God bless you

Mr.Mike honestly and do not get mad or any thing , trust me that who ever will stand  against his great Mar Rofiel Sako and support Bishop of S.D. will be the biggest looser of all and mark my word and the near future will prove that and have a good day and God bless

This is a position ..la a yhal wla yorbat and thanks to Sandry that he thought he will bring with him 3000 people but he brought him self and 7 more ya Habib Omak

Job well done Ashoor ,your reply and with out a doubt makes a lot of sense to those who have sense and knows history       

If he really won 1-.2 million as you said then wondering why 98 percent of your Holy Synod did not support him neither was given a Bishop job in any Church

Read Wisam Kakos report on Ishtartv.com

Mr.Adal...Then Is this why the Ashorayeen kept their language and their heritage and you lost it all  , but again why i am wondering if you are one of the group that support and write on Bishop Sarhat Jamus forum

As Ashoor Soro lost every thing and the seven to eight people that followed him the same , Bishop Sarhat Jamu will lose it all because whatever he build it been build on hate and jealousy and who ever follow such people and and not to stand behind H.H Mar Rofiel Sako will be the biggest looser of all time 

Mr.Abd Al Ahad Best regards . Your article not only is great but every thing you said it is the truth even though some times the truth hurt and some will not agree with you at all but this is normal for all educated people. My question to you and i understand this clearly that no priest will do something on his own unless by the approval of his own Bishop and also it is known that Mar Rofiel Sako deserve the respect of all not only Chaldian but all christian simply because he is a head of church , my question to you why there was no punishment to Mar Sarhad Jamu when he is the person in charge of those priest and the forum that continues attack and poison on H.H. always comes from

He wont us to read Ashoor Soros book to know the truth Ha Ha Ha , when the Fox was asked who you wont us to ask to see if you are telling the truth and his answer was my tail. Mr Abd Al Ahad described Ashoor soro in his article perfectly to see how important he is   

Myoqra Bet Daweed....i guess this line from Isaiah 54:17 H.H.Mar Rofiel Sako is well aware of it....No weapon forged against you will prevail , and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord , and this is their vindication from me

Myoqra Khoshaba...I know that i am putting you on the spot but i hope you can answer my question....Assyrians is known as a Qawmayah and if it is not then can you explain the Artifacts that it is in England museum and in Germany and Paris and in Israel not to mention the one that was stolen left and right , why it is called an proudly Assyrians

Myoqra Khoshaba shlama....It is true each one of us can choose whatever he like or can call even his sect a Qawmayah and also his tribe if he wish as we see now , but then the question that we need to ask are self do we have the prove to call this or that a Qawmayah because the Qawmayah is language is history that the world can recognize you with and then we found that many who claim a false Qawmayah will not have the legs to stand on

Rabi Sana...With out a doubt it is a great accomplishment with the help of God first and the leadership of Bishop Mar Meelis Zia . Raban Hurmisd school it is not only for Assyrian Church of the East members but to all and this is one of the reasons why the ACOE been always called the mother church of all because the goal of every Assyrian church leader and H.H Mar Dinkah now and still to encourage all to protect and preserve this great language simply because loosing your language is loosing your identity   

Myoqra Eddie ...He is blindly assuming things and i enjoy make him look like a fool but regarding your question he is not only wrong but he is also full of hate and jealousy toward ACOE and Qmtan Atorayta and i thank him again by associating me with Bishop of Australia

Sorita...did not know that you are this smart and i thank you for the new name by associating me with the greats and i think it is much better than someone turn himself to a woman when you are a man

Very nice and job well done

Bishop of S.D.think he is above the law because he knows clearly that someone in Rome is supporting him even though many wonders why ? Let the Vatican remove the handcuffs from the hands of Mar Rofiel Sako so he can put an end to this Bishop and his group that till now shows absolute no respect their church leader , even though it is known that the Vatican is a political organization before religious if you know what i mean   

It is clear that Bishop of S.D.is not willing to loose his kingdom yet , knowing his time is coming to an end with in a year or little bit more , also it is very smart and  make sense that Mar Rofiel Sako does not wont to stir any problems time being as this nation is going through hell knowing that this year will come fast then he can put an end to this mess that this Bishop created every where not to forget asking one of his priest called Yoshia that no one knows where he end and why , to go to court and give a false testomany against ACOE in support of a Bishop that stole and registered churches in his own name and much more which many asked why when the Khaldian church have nothing to do with this at all , but to those who thought and they claim to have victory over the Assyrian church i say let them enjoy it because the Assyrian church put an end to a man thought he can play left and right and be above the law and i am sure that most of the readers are well aware of what happen and how the ACOE came a winner in all aspect and we can see the wonderful fruit of that now and in all churches. It is very important for Mar Rofiel Sako to be firm and come with an iron fist and make it clear to Rome that i will handle this because i know more than you know but if they allow him and again if he is allowed....Bring a Bishop to replace Bishop Jamu a Bishop that you trust and you have full confidence in him , replace any priest that worked with Bishop of S.D and any shamas that supported him , take over financial issues completely or replace the current group , do not let the Vatican person name Sandy to be involve because Bishop Jamu have strong relations with him as many suspect bribes was involve in two visits , keep a close look at 6 people that write often on Bishop Jamu forum that strongly support him against the head of the Chaldian church , other wise the new Bishop will be in a lot and a lot of trouble

Myoqra Leon.. Wonderful and interesting article as always , reading what you write it bring pleasure to me and to many due to your honesty in listing all events as it is plus History support . Regarding your subject , H.H.Mar Sako is an educated person and above all God is with him plus he can read very well people and especially those who are trying to build to them self a kingdom on their own , a kingdom build on hate and show of independence and lack of respect to the big church in all and such subject he is very well aware of it also , but the question that many asks will the Vatican allow him to take some of his own decisions on some matters that H.H himself have way more knowledge than them or no because clearly it been said by Bishop of S.D that he takes his order from the Vatican only   

Name someone that usually write on the pages of Kaldayah . net that he is not full of hate and jealousy from Omtan Ashoraytah and see to which Bishop are connected and that will give you the full answer

Muslims need to do something about the book of Qoran , there are verses that say good things about Christians like Omran 113 and Baqara 121 and Nisaa 131 and Qusas 52 but then flip couple pages you will see clearly asking Muslims for killing of Nasarah and Jews , so does such book make sense at all ? to me personally it is a joke

My question to Mr.Khoshaba Solaqa....What is the meaning of Qawmayah ? and whats the requirement of a Qawmayah ? and if you are right can you explain and since when we have 3 Qawmayat in Iraq as Christians ? and if it is as you say why i can not call my own tribe a Qawmayah ? and can you tell me Lamsu and other things that the world found and every brick you turn till now in Iraq call what name and to who it belong ? and why Mar Deli and Mar Bet Daweed and others never called them self a Qawmayah ? and how old are these qawmayat if you can stack them for us please

Dear Mr Napilion ...it is true that this is not the time to fight about names of Chaldean or this and that when all Christians in Iraq are facing hell , but at the same time and if you or me are people with common sense we have to give an answer to those who lies and fabricate and change and try their best to make to them self a new Qawmayah that does not exist at all but due to their jealousy from a real Qawmayah Ashorayah and with all three sects that kept its language and history and names and culture and more when other lost it all to Arabs , but over all i say may God bless all

Mr.Namiq i agree with you 100% that every one have the right to think or claim he or she have a QAWMAYAH even though they are a sect , but at the same time we should expect that some educated people will challenge such a claim and prove you and others wrong and here i am not going to ask you to read what Mar Dali bless his soul wrote in his letter to the Vatican or go and see the Video of Mar Rofeel Bet Daweed R.I.P or go and see the Video of Bishop Sarhat Jamu but just wondering why they did not know them self as a Qawmayah ?...now lets pass all what i wrote above and leave you with some examples from different religious books even though i can give you more than 30 different Bibles written but i choose to list couple and if you need more i will be happy to list you more
Douay-Rheims Bible
Behold the land of the Chaldeans ; this people did not exist , the Assyrians found it for....
English revised version
Behold the land of Chaldeans this people is no more ,the Assyrians hath appointed it for the beasts of the wilderness....
Webster"s Bible Translation
Behold the land of the Chaldeans ; this people was not , till the Assyrians founded for them that dwell in the wilderness...
King James Bible
Behold the land of the Chaldeans ; this people was not till the Assyrians founded for them that dwell in the wilderness....
New American Standard Bible
Behold the land of the Chaldeans - this the people which was not , Assyrians appointed it for desert creatures
Also some can ask you what language you speak and if you say Chaldeans then they will ask and what letter your language use ?

For your information , invitation was extended to all parties if possible and some attended and some did not... END OF STORY... so let us not make such a big deal and put the blame on ACOE when there is no truth to it please . Now regarding Qawmayah and sect yes it is true each person have all the rights to call his sect a Qawmayah but that is a clear indication to lack of education and yes we can fool our self by claiming we  are a Qawmayah also but can we fool history and the Bible itself when we have zero prove to that and when H.H.call us all Ashorayeen because history and bible and educated people support that 

Mr Benjamen i do hope such thing will come true even though i see it impossible because there are some that such meeting will cause them the loss of their personal gain . Please accept  my best wishes

Rabi Antwan i do agree with you completly but some times the truth hurt and especially to those who are a part of such Ahzab , please keep up the good work because many many of us enjoy your honesty and may God bless you

Rabi Leon .....Lets hope for the best as Psalm 71;20 said......Though you have made me see troubles , many and bitter , you will restore my life again , from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up

When it is the time to understand that there is a diffrent between Qawmayah and sect......no qawmayah with 3 names in the name of God

The great history of Assyrians is known to all and the wonderful language of Jesus chriest we are greatfull to be associated with and land that even though it is stolen but every brick you turn will proudly indicate Ashori , so no worry because all those falsely and lately became the owner of that great history and suddenly the history will never be kind to them since they have nothing to do with it and neither have the backbone to show the world that they are a part of that great history 

Federation and donation Ha Ha Ha , lets us look back at their previous stand and who they supported during other convention and if they ever donated money to someone who used to run a show specificly set to attack Assyrian Church of the East leader and the Holy Synod members so he can run his cheep show in support of the Khaldian Bishop now name Soro , also let some one tell us what benefit are youth can take back with them

My God you are full of hate and jealousy toward Assyrians and no wonder why ? because people like you who lost every thing and even their own language can not stand to see others who after thousands and thausands of years still have their history and language intact and above that proud of it because a heart in peace gives lifes to the body , but envy rots the bones   

All what i can say that Muslims need to look at the book of Quran carefully and realize that their book have nothing to do with word of God because some of their verses shows clearly how disturb is the Muslims book .....God help us  

Myoqra Khoshaba.......in Proverbs 14;32 said    When calamity comes and the wicked are brought down, but even in death the righteous have a refuge

Only by uniting we will be able to witness the fruit of their work 

Hope someday there will be an end to this foolish mentality of Arabs and it is about time we realize that as long as they see us divided we will be taken the hit after hit  

May god clean your evil heart and add some brain to your head but again what you will expect from someone his master is in S.D

Mr.Oshana  there is a lot of wisdom in your reply , but to those who have wisdom to understand , every word in your reply re present the truth and the common sense to all but not to those who hate and jealousy dominate their soul by ignoring the truth even though they know it in full.

Evil men do not understand justice,but those who seek the lord understand it fully.      proverbs 28;5 

Continue to fool yourself with your new man but to those who knows his back round and they are many will continue to have the last laugh on you and they will always say what a pleasure to get rid of him, so congratulations to you 

Myoqra Khoshaba.....it is the way that most leaders in Middle East run their country and that is the concern about the people comes last even though in ISAIAH 30;12 SAID....Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, This is the way ' walk in it ' but with all sadness they choose to ignore the guideness God 

Rabi Leon thank you for your previous reply to my question and i strongly agree with many readers you deserve the love and respect of all and it is true when they say the rocks only get thrown at the tree with most fruit and i congratulate you for such wonderful subject and as always

Fabrication of history by the Khaldian will not serve the Khaldian at all and especially when they know that their new claim is build on hate and jealousy to their own people and history

Abu Sanharib..i think it is better t leave it as it is because it is an indication of  sacrificing

Do you think Mr.Thier will accept even 2 , we are a qawmayah that will not accept even God

Mr.Khaldanayah....then can you tell us where was your qawmayah before 2003 ,  so to falsefy documents is the only way you can convince your self and others like you and even that will be for a very short time , the opposite of us that every brick you turn you will see the name of Ashoor and by the way sorry to disappoint you

Mr.Khaldanayah you need a lot to learn and to understand , hope you will spend more time to educate your self first in the meaning of Qawmayah then get into other issues

It is really sad to see Mar Rofiel Sako trying to do his best to unite all churches , but listening to the Video of Mar Awa Royal telling us the disappointment of Mar Rofiel for acceptance of Ashoor Soro and being unable to do anything other than following the order of the Vatican and against his wish , now the question that many ask ...the person from the Vatican that visited Bishop Jamu in specific... Why ? and what was given to him and Why , the coming years will reveal alot

Mr.Eeli wonderful answer and job well done , your reply can be supported by every history book and by the Bible itself but the problem is jealousy and hate from those who have no history at all to those who have a history that the world can be a witness to it

A heart at peace gives life to the body , but envy rots the bones.....proverbs 14 ; 30

Friendly advice to Khaldanayah........Go and understand first the meaning of Qawmayah then go and see the video of Mar Rofiel Bedaweed then go and read the Essay of Mar Amanuel Dali then see the video of your own Bishop jamu also go and learn what is the meaning of the world Khaldanayah in religous books and then talk about it , because then you will find out that you have one qawmayah named Al Ashorayah

You can not associate the Chaldian church with the East since they attached them self with Rome since 1553 and this is common sense and regarding H.H.Mar Dinkha yes he is living outside Iraq but neither him neither any one before him distance them self but continued and with pried to call them self Assyrian church of the East , so if you distance your self from Al Qawmayah Al Ashorayah then do not associate your self with that great history ,it is one of two LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT   

Myoqra Khoshaba...we are living in a world of lies and dishonesty , a world that many comes to us in cloth of a sheep but in reality are evil that later on we can judge their quality of work because every one of us will be judged by what he is leaving behind and history is known not to be kind to dishonest people

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me- put it into practice.And the God of peace will be with you....philippians 4;9

Now the question is do they have trust in the words of God when they raise their right hand and swear to serve all the people in complete honesty

I have no doubt in you at all Mr.Leon and i am sure you will be able to answer...enjoy your trip

Eddie thank you so much because i did learn more from you about this subject , please accept my best regards

Myoqra Leon Barko.....First of all accept my best regards also wishing you a save trip to Brazil . Without a doubt i do consider you  excellent writer and i do have a lot of respect for you but please allow me to ask you a question about the first line of your article which you said the following.....MAR ROFIEL SAKO ON BABIL AND QOSTOON ,and here is my argument with you .You know and i know the chair of Saliq and qostoon is for Assyrian church of the east for thousands of years and the Chaldian left this church by attaching them self to Rome so there for they have zero rights to claim such a chair and any one that repeat such a claim is dead wrong....please in light me if i am wrong

With out a doubt your history education is zero Mr.Kaldanaya and to answer some one like you is wise to leave him with some verbs from the bible in hope it will sink in your head........FOR WHERE YOU HAVE ENVY AND SELFISH AMBITION , THERE YOU FIND DISORDER AND EVERY EVIL PRACTICE...JAMES 3;16


My friend you are a false witness to your own sect

Mr Kaldanaya..... i think what Mr Akad wrote is correct because AL QAWMAYAH IS ONE AND IT IS CALLED ASHORAYAH AND that include the 3 sects AND ONE OF THESE SECTS IS THE kHALDIAN SECT , UNLESS YOU CALL IT A QAWMAYAH AFTER 2003 but i can assure you that you will never be able to prove that and neither you will be able to change history  because facts are facts and lies are lies and you can defuse lies easy but you can not change facts

A hot tempered man stirs up dissension , but a patient man calms a quarrel.......proverbs 15;18

I am sure Mr.Sana will answer all the question in a very civilized manner

Just wondering if you have any connection to Iraqi Mokahbarat because you keep asking for name and photo and address when ever you have no reply to an answer , dont you think it is wise to ignore..

Do you see a man wise in his own eyes ? There is more hope for a fool than for him ....proverbs 26;12

Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies.......psalm 34;13
Your tongue plots destruction ; it is like a sharpened razor you who practice deceit...psalm;52;2

This is to those who attack Mar Rofiel Sako directly or indirect.

 Well... will any one of them have the courage to look into the mirror and ask himself if he really think he served his people in all honesty ? because in LEVITICUS ;19;11 SAID,,,,,,DO NOT STEAL. DO NOT LIE. DO NOT DECEIVE ONE ANOTHER

No one will be save from those who their main forum is Kaldaya.net and write their often including H.H.Mar Sako and there is a reason behind it but i am sure great men can handle such an attack easy

Mr.Yonan a great question to ask...IF YOU DONT ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU PROMISE WOULD YOU RESIGN ?  a wonderful question that not only Ankawa.com should ask but every christian

God bless all those who participated in this great day to honor this great language of all christian from Iraq and around the world

Mr.Odisho...we should never blame the church for our misery  but we should blame total parties that done nothing and been divided since their born

Sorry to say that most of the voters they will put their tribe and relationship above all as it been always even if they know he accomplished nothing

Rabi Sana we continue to live on hope and wait for that promising day when all the facts indicate that we are in trouble as Christians and to tell you the truth we should not blame no one other than are self because simply we are divided and we do not wish good and support those who we can witness their accomplishments but we support my tribe and friend even when we see them destroying that hope

Rabi Leon ...Honestly we missed you because it been a long time we did not hear from you at all . Would like to wish you and your family a Happy Easter and as usual your article is great also sorry to say there is nothing nothing that can save us since we are divided, just look at all AHZABONA can you name one that can put their hand in each others hand and work together

Can we blame those who wont to leave and continue to leave when we are insulted for being christian and when we are getting killed for what we believe in and when those who claim to have an army and this and that can not afford 2 people to protect even one church and when those who speaks in behalf of christian are useless and when we should be united we just created to areselfs new Qawmayah

Despite all the massacres and when many thought that we are no longer exist here we are keeping every thing a life and telling the world i was born Assyrian and will die Assyrian so bravo to such people 

Mr.Ashoor ...Criticism its the right of every person but when we do not allow people to say the truth by attacking them like the attack on Mr.Sana a well respected person that is known for his endless love to his church and Assyria is WRONG  . The point that i am trying to make here and i agree with you it was really nice to see the Assyrian flag all over north of Iraq and it makes me really proud as an Assyrian , but what if i tell you that members of Zawaa lifted the same flag and Zawaa flag against the ACOE in support of a man that stole the Sons and Daughters of Assyrian churches and in support of a man that claim now that even Jesus is Chaldian and no such name of Assyrians. so can you explain this ? I do have more respect to those who can admit their mistakes than covering for them. Finally i do wish you and your family a Happy Easter

Much talk and promises with zero accomplishments , hope one day we can find a party that can deliver and do something good for the Sons and Daughters of this nation but till that day as they say in Arabic ...Moot Ya Hamar           

Myoqra Khoshaba Happy Easter.....Every party will be remembered by what it promise us and if it deliver and then we will be the ones who will be asking are self if that party deserve to be voted for again or not

With all my respect to Mr.Tomi i do think his party does not stand a chance due to its connection to Bishop of S.D

Lets be honest and give are vote to those who we can see their accomplishment not their talk, many started good but in the middle of the road did more damage than good. W e should never and i will never vote for anyone that i know somehow or another that his party took a stand against their own church or was the first to put the slashes on shemah Ashorayah

Abu Sanharib as always an outstanding reply to all , wish you and your family a happy Easter

So we say with confidence , THE LORD IS MY HELPER ,i will not be afraid . What can man do to me


kHONA bARCHAM....iI leave this to those who support him knowing his back round ....DO NOT HELP A WICKED MAN BY BEING A MALICIOUS WITNESS

Lets pray and wish them all the best because who ever wins is from the Sons and Daughters of Assyria

Khona Teri.... On Isaiah 55; 7...Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the lord , and he will have mercy on him , and to our God , for hewill freely pardon

Thank you Mr.Abd for honoring me with such attachment and with out a doubt is a great honor but please focus on the subject itself if you have an answer to my question

Mr.Abd Al Ahad..in reality i do not care for your answer but what makes it funny that there are people support someone who stole churches and register them in his name when id does not belong to him at all

He will swallow up death forever. The sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces............Isaiah :25;8

Mr.Abd Al Ahad ...it seems you know nothing about his churches financial mess and registration of churches in his name and selling of lands and the list can go on and on , so keep dreaming by thinking because he loved the Chaldian church when the truth was he did not have no one to take him other than the one in S.D. who have tremandous hate to ACOE

Mr.Qalo what you are trying to prove ? because i see nothing other than proving that Al Ashorayen are one of kind and every one should be proud to be a part of such great qawmayah

Mr.Akad.... Great article as always and would like to ask you a question, is their any party that does not approve the sholtana yatanayh , kindly explain if you have any answers to my question

Congratulations to all Assyrians for such wonderful day and many thanks to Mr. Mamo

Mr.Sabri i thank you for such nice article and for sure Shameran was a lady with a class and it is very nice of you to remind us with this wonderful person.

What Abu Sanharib and What Samoel it seems yo lost it all.u

There was a lot to say and to prove about this called himself Assyrian for justice but i know Ankawa.com will not allow me to prove to all why the sudden Omtanayota of this fake person

Job well done and many thanks to every Assyrian done his duty and join to celebrate Akito and this is what we need to do always not only here in Northern Iraq but around the world to show the world that Assyrians are forever and ever 

Let people judge you by your work , many can talk and talk because talk is cheep but talk and show us your work so we can shut up when we see your work , now there are many around these days they speak about justice and omtanayotah but in reality if you check their back round you will find them to be the biggest traitors to their Omtah and Eatah and no need to list   names , and what makes it worst such people attack those ganuin people who we can witness their work and accomplishments

Wishing all parties the best and i hope who ever win will really serve all Assyrians with their different sects the best way possible

The list of Babylon will not get any where because the Kaldian church does not approve of Shiek Rayan and the new coming days will prove that , and who standing against it are those who does not approve of Bishop of S.D

We are known and respected around the world due to the great language that we still use known as Al Ashorayah , also we are known that this language got letters called Alab Beat and when someone used to say Ana Soraya automaticly meant Ashori, Now for those who say the Chaldian Language suddenly i ask them what letters your language use

Mr. Abdul Al Ahad can you tell me when the Chaldian started to celebrate Akito or know about Akito ? and can you explain the fake year of 7649 that lately some of their writers use and other none sense to indicate they are a Qawmayah, it is so fake and embbarrasing they start to name Shamiran as Shamiran Al Kaldanyah

Assyrians around the world are celebrating their day Akito reminding the world that we still carry what are forth fathers used to celebrate and will continue to carry this tradition for ever and ever and will continue to take care of are own language which it is    a part of Akito ,  Bravo to all Assyrians and khaya Atoor

They came with a Qawmayah after the fall of Sadam and now they wont to tell us that they have their own language...... can some one tell me what is the Chaldian language Alph bet

Myoqra Khoshaba ....Those who deny their history and creeat new Qawmayah suddenly are the main reason for the mess that we are all in 

Myoqra Be Dawid...lets not blame every one but only those who suddenly created to them self a new qawmaya after the fall of Sadam

Mr.Qalo..keep dreaming about the 3000 people that Mr. Soro make you trust he was able to bring with him  , it is time for you to wake up man because the number is not more that him and the 2 priest that were kicked out by the church members when they used the brooms to remove them , so let him play his game on people like you and make you hear what you like to hear but deep inside the laugh is on both of you.......some funny codes from him..I AM MORE KALDIAN THAN ALL OF YOU AND jESSUS WAS KALDIAN.....

Mr.Sana ..with out a doubt it is a history that show how many nations betrayed us not only by outsiders but sometimes by are own also . Again i would like always to wish you the best for making us relive the great history of Assyrians

Mr.Akad ..An outstanding job , God bless you and please keep up the good job, your article is a wake up call to those who deni their backround

Myoqra Khoshaba...Traitors will always go to the garbage bin of history and will never have mercy on them but those who we can witness their accomplishment and their sacrafices by are own eyes, those will not only be remembared and loved and respected by us but history will always be in their side. Mr Sana wrote today about Mar Benyamen, look how many years passed and we are still honoring his greatness

Thank you Mr.Sana a great subject as always , may God bless you and keep you healthy because you are a school by itself to many young generation to come

Al Ashorayeen a name that we all are proud to be associated with , will continue to love and honor till death

How could you not be proud to be the Sons and Daughters to great people with great history . People who kept their honor and courage and pass it to many to come

All our political parties are useless and have completely zero power but a lot of empty talk . They are good to work against each other and try their best to bring the other side down , not to forget the jealousy from each other that can blind them all . But lets just take one example , a party called Al Hizb Al Ashori puts all its power to support a man stole the churches of the Sons and Daughters of Assyrians and leader and members stand strong behind him against the Assyrian church , as i said they are good to bring a damage to their own and no one have the balls to admit their mistakes

Mr.Khoshaba... it is true life can bring different people and their action can be also different from one day to another and some can agree with you and others not but at the end all the respect will go to those who have the back bone to admit their mistake and tell the truth and not to think that all people are fools and he is the only smart one

Mr. Mowafaq ....As i said before your report is full of holes like always , not to mension you depend on Micky Mouse writers that are known to all for their hate and jealousy toward THE GREAT ASHORAYEEN BUT WHO CARES WE WAS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE THE SON AND DAUGHTERS OF THE GREAT ONES AND WITH A PRIDE

  No there was no such decision on Yonadam kana by the Iraqi Gover and those who tries to include him as a victim also, is just a cover up for his continuing mistakes and to build his own ruined image.

Mr. Khoshaba an excellent report , and what you pin pointed is the truth and i salute you for that

Keeping are language and heritage and faith and continue to do that with honor whats makes us proud to be the Sons and Daughters of the great fathers Al Ashorayeen because we kept are promise to them when others lost it all and the Arabic language dominated their homes and churches even their names

Mr Esho...Most of those who write against Al Ashorayen are people full of Jealousy and hate and for a very simple reason Al Ashorayen kept every thing intact and they are proud of it when others like them lost it all even their own language   

Mr.Nisko ....allow me to tell you and with all respect , your article got zero truth to it......for god sake go and do some more study and depend on real and famous writers not on Micky mouse one

Yes it is possible for Kaldian to have a sheik or shieks due to their strong relation to Arab Muslims and adopting their language and habits plus Arab language took over their own in churches and homes is a clear indications

It is important for you to understand the meaning of the ward KALDIAN also it is very important for you to understand what does God meant when he asked Ibrahim TO LEAVE OR OF KALDIAN , but please read something not created by Bishop of S.D so you will know the truth

Shamash 78........inviting Abd Qalo to our church will not help because we do not speak Arabic

Mr.Farid Warda the tape of Bishop Jamu is an insult to those who are creating to them self a new qawmayah when the truth indicate they have zero

Is this the flag that Amir Fatohi created to him self and people like you followed him due to lack of knowalage  , it seems you are very happy about this then explain where was your flag before the fall of Sadam

Traitors existed then and now and history explain and talk about those who open the gates of Ninevah to enemy and boy o boy how many of those are still around now , plus Jewish people did not have their own people calling them self a different Qawmayah

Mr. Mowafaq with out a doubt there is nothing in your subject that have a shed of truth at all and from the start to the end your subject not only is full of holes but it shows your desperate attempt by trying your best to deny the great history of great people , this is a history that is their and it is not a history created just now

Great history to great people and we are proud to be a part of that history and called Ashorayeen , it is a history that no one can deny it neither a need to lie about it to prove it

Dr. Sawa congratulations and job well done you really deserve the best

Show me a nation with 3 names then you can talk , but the jealousy and the hate are blinding not only your heart but your eyes also and all because of the great name and the only real qawmayah called Ashorayen not qawmayat created after the fall of Sadam with no history at all but created by lies and falsefications and by liars that deep inside knows the truth and thats one qawmayah with 3 sects

Stendaleen ....we do read the correct one and the only one as an Ashorayen but it seems that you read the one that Bishop of S.D.created . Read also this ASSYRIANS THE WORK OF MY HAND AND ASSYRIANS MY INSTRUMENTS....HOW GREAT AND HOW PROUD YOU HAVE TO BE TO HEAR THIS...LONG LIVE ASSYRIA

 Mr.Habib Al Khori....Al Ashoraeen are in no need to falsefay history because we are a great nation and with out a doubt but people like you and others with out a Qawmayah are in need to do that

Mr.nabeel it is important for you  to know who wrote those comments and why and i think when they say WE CRIED ABOUT SAHEON that should be your answer , Assyrian was a mighty nation and God used them to punish the none beleivers like the jews , other wise and at the same book that you read you will see the following ASSYRIANs THE WORK OF MY HAND also ASSYRIANS MY INSTRUMENTS AND THATS A CLEAR INDICATION THAT GOD LOVED ASSYRIANS

i do not think it is proper to change the Chaldian church name but i think it should indicate clearly the church attachment to Rome and not to use at all the word Mashraqyah or Sharq because Rome got nothing to do with Mesopotamia


Carmen God bless you and job well done and cheboo to you for serving the Sons and Daughters of Assyria and all other people

At the same page of your video i ask Mr.OOr to listen to Bishop Sarhad Jamus video also in hope both videos can put some common sense in his head and understand the difference between Qawmayah and Sect

Any one that he think that H.H. Mar Rofil Sako is happy about what the Bishop of S.D. is doing is WRONG and any one that he think that H.H. is happy about Ashoor Soro acceptance is more wrong and many are noticing and till this moment that there are not even one Congratulation came from Baghdad to Soro and i am wondering why

Rabi Aprim an excellent subject and a job well done . Please allow me to say this... Not only H.H. knows the truth that we are one Qawmayah ( Ashorayah ) with different sects but we all do even those who oppose him they know deep in their heart it is a true that no one can deny , so not to agree with H.H. in what he always repeat is insane and to those who are calling a new qawmayah after the fall of Sadam and with zero prove or a leg to stand on to prove their point makes it more silly , so what ever they do like creating a new flag or printing book indicating some lies of their own by those who are known by now to all will not help them at all because they will not and can not change the great history of Assyrians with in they wont to be a part of it or not   

Mr.Sargon peera... yes it is Ok to love but it is not ok to steal and to lie and to register things that belong to son and daughters of Assyrians in your name and this is exactly what your man Ashoor soro did , so to be proud of someone like that it show clearly your class


Bishop Sarhat Jam soon or later will understand that there is only one boss and that is H.H.Mar Sako and his dream to accomplish his own kingdom will come to an end very soon and his dream of having Ashoor Soro to run the show for him and no one else will also come to an end to both. H.H. did not wont to confront Bishop Jamu and creat problems now because a year and a half will come soon and he will be out of the door.

Yes Mr. Qalo because the Chaldian church was the only church that accepted someone with such embarrassing and filthy back round to be among them and to tell you the truth this is the only reason why he said i am in a great church now

الى الذين بحت اصواتهم من التطبيل والتبجيل
والزعيق والصراخ الى الذين وصفوه بالشعلة النيرة الوهاجة
الى الذين قاموا بتأليهه وتطويبه وبعد فترة سوف ينحتون له تمثالا
الى كل هؤلاء اقول ان الاسقف الجديد لم يكن يفكر يوما ان يلجأ الى الكنيسة الكلدانية
ان هذا الاسقف بعد خروجه من كنيسة المشرق قدم اوراق لجوئه اولا الى كنيسة المشرق القديمة
لكن بعد عقد اجتماع لااعضاء سنهادوس كنيسة المشرق القديمة تم رفض طلبه
فالمحطة التالية كانت الكنيسة الكلدانية وقبل بها من قبل روما كاسقف فخري للخدمة

Yes Mr.Noel and the reason why he was accepted by the Kaldian church because he agree to conspire hand in hand with Bishop Jamu and Zawaa against the Assyrian church of the east , not to forget Bishop jamu also send his priest to lie under oath against the ACOE.......so Mabrook to Bishop Jamu and all Kaldians but lets remember that their defeat was big and the ACOE came as a winner and the shame was left to all traitors

Mr.Bedawed...He done so much damage not only to himself but to the rules and churches of God , no one can speak the words of God when he is far away from God . They say judge the people by their work and nothing this man done that deserve a respect or an honor because he did not respect both. Till this moment people from Chicago or San Jose or Modesto or Turlock are saying the AH from his damage and do you think it was for nothing the Holy Synod of the Assyrian Church in full  put the Anathema on him , do you really think just because as he claim UNITY , yes sir he pull this game on those who does not know him but not on Assyrians 

السيد اشور توني المحترم

الكاهن والمطران وحتى الشماس لا احد يستطيع جرده
من رسامته  . يوقفونه عن خدمته نعم اما  رسامته تبقى
الى الابد لانها من الروح القدس .
يمكنك ان تسأل عن هذه القضية اي رجل دين يكون هذا من اختصاصه .

         اخوك كلدنايا الى الازل

Your talk and explanation is wrong wrong wrong , please go and ask any of your Bishops about Anathema except Bishop Jamu and you will see how wrong you are

Mr.Farid Warda to tell you the truth H.H.Mar Sako is not happy at all neither any Bishops of Iraq about Ashoor Soro,,,,show me one that send his congratulation to Mr.soro, it is all mar Jumos game from the start to the end and everyone knows this because no decision came from mar Sako to assign him to any location

Lately Mar Rofiel Sako call all people to join in the celebration ordaining the 3 new Bishops in Iraq and then said and the other one with out even calling his name will be in S.D. Mabrook to Bishop Jamu , just wondering how people will receive the communion from someone that Anathema is attached to his name

Abd Qalo..... someone with back round of thieves and lies and corrapution and cheating can unite you plus Bishop of S.D.with H.H.Mar Rofiel sako

Mr.Amir Rasho... it is not the unity that we are talking about , and we also know that he used the word unity to cover for his thieft not to mension that he is the 2nd man in history to be (Mokhramah) and we see the chaldian clapping and jumping for him makes many wonder about the state of your church and their rules to have a thief like your hero

Mr.Sana i did have a question for you if you can kindly.......we know there will be a consecration for 3 Bishops in Iraq , what does it mean when they exclude Ashoor Soro from that and how could he keeps his name knowing that the Anathema will be attached to him for life and how did Bishop Jamu manage to keep him as a puppet for himself


  تحية للجميع

 المحترم لوسيان    أنت تقول  واليك ألاقتباس

  [ انتقادي لم يكن لكلدان امريكا او جماعة امريكا او ابرشيات امريكا. انا اعتبر التسيس اللذي جرى بانه كان خطاء ولا علاقة له باي شئ مسيحي, ولكني اعرف على يقين بانني لا استطيع ان امنع اي شخص من تسيس هكذا مواضيع .  ] انتهى

 أذا  أنت  تعترف  أن هناك  خطأ  وهناك  تسيس  حسب قولك  ؟


 لذلك  أفضل طريقة  لآجبار  الخطاة  والمسيسين  على السكوت  ,  هو  عدم الرد ومن الحكمة  التزام جانب الصمت  .

وهذا ما فعله الكلي وقار مار باوي  الجليل  والنتيجة  كانت   فرح  وتصفيق  و أهازيج  .


Mr.Sana most of those who are clapping for Ashoor Soro it seems they do not know nothing about the word MOKRAMA AND HOW FUNNY TO HAVE SOMEONE THAT ASSYRIANS PUT HIM INTO GARBAGE BIN OF HISTORY WITH ANATHEMA ATTACHED TO HIS NAME BECOME THEIR HERO.....IT IS FUNNY

How funny you are Mr.Qalo to depend on HARAMI to bring you unity , it seems he played his game on you and those like you to take the word of unity as a cover for his disaster, also how great to have the garbage of Assyrians to become your hero

Conspiracy by shiek of Chaldan and Bishop Jamu with some individuals from USA and Rome against H.H.Mar Rofiel Sako and the coming days will proof that and i will repeat this over and over H.H.Mar sako have nothing to do with Ashoor Soro acceptance

يا لخـيـبتـك فـعلاً وأنا أرثي عـليك


Mr.Cipi i think no one have the right to change your mind or ask you to love this or that with in it is you or me, because we are all free to do what we like and what we think it is right and trust me i respect your love to your church or to Ashoor Soro even though it is clear it is not real love and will leave it to that.

Now read this carefully and if you really care for your church and its reputation,,,many years ago when the word ANATHEMA was put on Soro as we say it in Assyrian KHORMAH, there was total of 5 to 6 families followed him in Chicago and 3 to 4 families in CA and they are all by back now, beileve it or not anyone that was baptized by him they re baptized their kids and any one that got married and took the vaol of marriage from him done the same because the new the meaning of the word KHORMAH , and what is really strange that neither you and neither your church knows the meaning of this very dangerous word and again i say that , H.H.Mar Sako have nothing to do with this it is the propaganda of Rome and Bishop Jamu other wise why in S.D

Sorita or Soro close relative ..would like to remind you that your man was the only who was dragged to court and convicted

Yes Abd Qalo i do have some more questions....why they are not consecration Soro like others on January 24th in Baghdad also  how the Anathema will be removed from him and by who and when will he be given a new name if you know please because if you are really well aware of rules of the chaldian church it is a no no no

الاخوة المتحاورون

الرابط الاتي الاسقف مار باوي سورو  يؤدي القسم اليميني امام جمع غفير من المصلين وانا من ضمنهم بعد رسامته اسقفا 21 تشرين الاول 1984 في كاتدرائية مار كيوركيس الشهيد - كنيسة المشرق الاشورية - في شيكاغو امريكا .

مع احتراماتي وشكرا
ادي بيث بنيامين

 Eddie job well done on this video simply it shows him lie over and over and over and the Kormah that was put on him by H.H.was great

Ten Caldian priest with good manners and with a clean sheet and with a good back round is understood , but to accept someone forced on you by Rome and with out the wish of H.H. and Bishops and with Anathema attached to him and with dirty back round is an embarrassment to the Caldian church in all  

You think someone like Abd Al Ahad understand ( Saliq w qoston ) or Mar Mari or Mar Adai

Azizi Rabi Antwan......ACOE should ignore this called new relation as quick as they ca, because this it shows that neither H.H.neither his Bishops have some thing to say about it ...it is an order with in they like it or not, also we need to remember the Caldian synod did not and will not vote for his acceptance other than 2 Bishops one from S.D.and we know why and the other from Detroit

The question that we need to ask why only for Ashoor Soro they used the word ACCEPTANCE , I like they new about his filthy back round and they say ok

Azizi Mr. Sibi what is strange is not Soro and honestly we are all happy to get rid of him, but the question that people like you and as a memberto ask... how could your my church ignore the Anathema that it is on him and why is he keeping the same name  ,,,,,strange strange strange but the coming days will revel more

Robert Bishop Jamu will use Soro as a puppet to protect his own kingdom that he does not wont to loose to anyone including H.H.Mar Rofiel Sako

نحن لا يهمنا أمر الباوي مطلقاً  فسبق وقلناها لكم وبالفم المملوء
مبروك عليكم اشور سورو مليون مرة اسمعوها وافهموها جيداً

Myoqra Odisho what is amazing about this, it is not  Soro, it is the Anathema that it is on him and that means not only Rome is ignoring their own rules but the Chaldian church also because ( kormah ) it is a serious thing that many of them can not understand, but again what did the Vatican do to those Bishops who mulasted children other than moving them to somewhere else, so Soro should be like the pope because he only stole, lies, used church money for Victoria secret, and registering churches in his name and all in the name of unity 

انه لمن دواعي الفخر والاعتزاز ان تبتهج كنيستنا الكلدانية الكاثوليكية باحتضان الاسقف الجليل مار باوي سورو الجزيل الاحترام وهنيئا لكل من يحب ويعضد الكلدان في جميع انحاء العالم على هذا الاختيار السائد انه اولى خطوات الوحدة الحقيقية التي حدثت لا بمطامع عالمية ولا عن حقد او تلاعب باسم الوحدة التي طالما نادوا بها دون التقرب ولو سنتيمتر واحد منذ عهد المثلث الرحمات مار روفائيل الاول بيداويذ حتى يومنا هذا، لقد ضموا الى كنيستهم كل كاهن ترك رعيته وخان عهده واستقبلوه استقبال المنتصرين وجعلوا منه راعيا لخراف لاعلاقة له بهم ولا (الخراف) تعرفه، فلو كان حقا يحب رعيته لما تركها طمعا بامور دنيوية وملذات شخصية.

نحن حين نفرح ونهلل باحتضان كنيستنا المقدسة من قبل الحبر الاعظم قداسة البابا مار فرنسيس  وغبطة مولانا وراعي رعاتنا البطريرك مار لويس روفائيل الاول ساكو الجزيل الاحترام واخوته المطارنة والاساقفة ، المطران الجليل مار باواي سورو ، اننا اذ نفعل هذا نعلم جيدا ان شخصية مار باواي كاسقف ومثقف ومؤمن لاتطاله الاحقاد مهما كثرت ولن تمس ارادته ومواقفه قيد انملة، وقد قالها علنا منذ سنين لذلك فالكنيسة الكلدانية برؤسائها وشعبها عانقت وستبقى للابد تعانق المطران مار باواي سورو، وتبادله الحب والاحترام الذي ضحى بكل شئ لاجل الوحدة الحقيقية بايمان وعلم راسخين وبصبر قل نضيره، فاهلا بالمطران الجليل ستبقى قلبا نابضا بالحب والايمان، اهلا بك في بيتك الكلداني وشعبك

الذي احبك كل الحب والف مبروك لكنيستنا الكلدانية، ومن لايزال يصور ان الدرجات الكهنوتية هي عبارة عن معلبات يمكن سحبها او ابطال مفعولها متى شاؤوا اقول لهم راجعوا انفسكم وصححوا مواقفكم ولا تخدعوا شعوبكم لان الميسح لايحب ولا يرحب بالخادعين.
يوسف قرمزه - شيكاغو

Mr.Qarmaza State of California and 4 Assyrian churches knows clearly his unity plan was just to cover for his thieft and sarsaryat


Anathema or ( Mokramah ) is worst thing that a church can put on someone and whats makes it more strange that he still using the same name the the ACOE gave it to him , further more information its getting more clear as if today that the Chaldian Bishops absoulately have no say in this decision knowing 90% of the Bishops voted against his acceptance in their last synod 

مداخلتي الأخيرة لك ديفيد ... كونك لم تدخل مزاجي
لا أحبذ النقاض مع شاكلتك .... خصوصاً وأنا لست من رواد المقاهي ولا أرتاد اماكن الـ ...... حيث يتوفر أمثالك

قل ما تريد .... ونحن نلنا ما كنا نتمناه ....ليس عطية من أحد ...بل تحققت إرادة الله بهذا الرجل البار
من سعى إلى إيقافه بعيد عن تعاليم المسيح .... ومن يسيء له بكلمة فقد أخذ تعاليمه من الشرير
حرفت ورقتك عزيزي .... مارس العبث كما يحلو لك

It is the same here i do not like people like you also and thank God for that because we share the same feeling toward each other...again learn about the English word of ANATHEMA

ديفيد ....أطلب منك أن تحترم رموزنا الدينية كي نحترم رموزكم الدينية
راح أفونها هسة بمزاجي لأن بعدني بجو الفرح .... مرة ثانية اقابلك بالمثل ....وشوية أكثر
أعيد.....أحترم نفسك وياها رموزنا الدينية العظام أمثال مار باوي سورو

Mr.Zaid i do respect what you are asking me to do but it is important for you to know that Ashoor Soro and the court in CA did find him guilty of registering churches that does not belong to him in his name  AND THAT MEANT THEFT and way more that neither me or you can talk about it because it is not proper for this forum. But lets talk about the word ANATHEMA and i ask you kindly to go and find what this word mean and why it is embarrassing for the Catholic church and to the Chaldian church to accept him when their rules indicate that clearly, personally i am not surprised because i ask my self what did they do to Bishop Mahoni who paid over half billion to cover for his child moliistaton case and to many others who was in the same position but was just moved to another location. i hope to God that the ACOE cut their relation completely with your church  since the word ANATHEMA DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING TO ROME AND TO THE CHALDIAN CHURCH 

صباعي عزيزي
المسيج علمنا الجرأة إيضاً
لم بقلب موائد الصيرفة بأنتحالة اسم علي سبيل المثال  (مهير شلال حاش بز)
أنا زيدميشو بأسلوبي هذا سواء يعجبك أم لا..... امثا مفسي
انت تنحل إسم فديس وفد نكون من اصحاب السوابق واليوم عضو مهم في تنظيم تعبان .... ـو قد تكون فتاة جميلة
من يعرف؟ ..... هل أنت صادق مثلي وجريء وتعلمت ذلك من التاريخ الكنسي لتكون أنت كما أنت وليس شخص مهزوز تخاف المواجهة
ما بحيرني ...هناك أسماء مستعارة تنفش ريشها أحيماً في مقالاتي وتقول ما تريد وقانون الموقع يسمح لها
بعض الأسماء أعرف أصحابها الحقيقيبن ..... وهم من الكتاب ...ولا بتجرأون للتعليق على مقالي بأسمهم الصريح
أنت نفسك ...لا أعرفك لكنك بألتأكيد تخفي شخصية احد الكتاب ....وبالتاكيد من الطرف الذي يعادي الكلدان والكنيسة الكاثوليكية
كونهم الوحيدون الذين لديهم موظفون يمتهنون لغة الحوار من خلف الستار
وشخصياً .... لا ارى ستار ... لأنني بأسمكم الصريح أو بالمستعار ...لا أرى سوى بشاعة تنظيمين سيئين جداً جداً ...لا بل اسوء آفة آكلة لشعبنا المسيحي ومشروع وحدتهم

المهم .... مبروك للأساقفة الجدد ..... ومبروك لكنيستنا الكلدانية قداسة مار باوي اسقفاً ضمن السينهودس الكلداني

Honestly Zaid i am happy for you since you are happy by accepting the thief of California to be apart of the Chaldian church , congratulation to you and to the Chaldian church again and i do mean that , now the question what position since there is a Khorma ) on him )

As i said before Al Ashoreen are the crown over your head and again hate and jealousy is a sign drawing all over your face

Mr.Qalo Not only your talk is empty but you too , it is about time to wake up and let go of your hate and jealousy that is written all over your face

الموقر زيد ميشو

مقالتك هذه بمثاية إعتراف جرىء بالفشل ولكن فيها إنتهازية وإنهزامية وإلقاء اللوم على الأخرين بينما أنت بالذات يقع عليك اللوم الرئسي لأنك كنت جزءا لا يتجزاء ولا ينفصم عراه من الذين تسيمهم اليوم في هذا المقال إقتباس:"دعارة ووقاحة سياسية لا يشرفني أن أكون في دائرتها ... (حبربشيته) ... شريحة سيئة تصدّرت الكوتا من التشكيلة الموضحة ... شيطانهم  ...أصبح تاجا كللوا به هاماتهم ... الأول عار على من يرشحّه والثاني من يرشحه فيه عار ... دمية لجهة أخرى وظيفته قيادة شعب نحو الهاوية ... التدخل السلبي لرجال الدين بكافة إشكاله (سواء عملوا مع، أو وقفوا بالضد" إنتهى الإقتباس، وغيره من التعابير التي تستخدمها ضد من كنت معهم وتقودهم وتحثهم على ما كانوا هم عليه من السوء " والشيطنة" واليوم بعدما أن فضحوا أنفسهم وأنت معهم تعود القهقري وتنسحب وكأنك ملاك لا ذنب لك. إنك يا موقر ومعك السادة مايكل سبي والدكتور؟؟؟حبيب تومي والدكتور؟؟؟ الشماس مردو وأدم بطرس وعبدالأحد قلو ونزار ملاخا وشيخكم الجليل شيخ الكلدان العام ومعه أساقفة المهجر وبينهم من كنت تعده قديسا وظهر أن عليه أكثر من علامة إستفهام كبيرة حيث جعلت أنت والسيد مايكل سبي ومطارنياتكم (إمبراطورياتكم) في المهجر وكأنه المرسل من السماء رغم خسارته لقضية مدنية في محاكم أمريكية ظهر فيها إختلاس وتزوير مستندات ولم تنقذه غير الأموال الحرام لرجال الدين الذين حتى يوم قريب كنت أقرب الناس إليهم واليوم تهاجمهم. كان يجب عليك ان تكون شجاعا وتصرح أنك واحد من الذين تهاجمهم اليوم وأنك معهم لم تزرعوا في السنين الماضية غير الأشواك واليوم تحصدونها سوية. وعجبي أن يأتيك مديح (غزل) من قبل السيد كوركيس أوراها منصور المعروف بمواقفه الوطنية وواحد من الكلدان الغيارى الذين لم ينفك وهو يؤشر إلى مسلككم صوب التهلكة وعندما وصلتموها وأنت واحد من قادتها تنسحب وكأن الأمر لا يعنيك وتجعل من نفسك بطلا وأنت جزء وقائد من قادة الهزيمة.  

A job well done Mr. Sanai and accurate info to the point and 100% truth and to those who can prove you wrong then let it be. I must say you know a lot and you follow events other wise you will not list and in specific those names and for that i say job well done , also i would like to assure you that H.H.Mar Rofiel is well aware of Bishop of S.D. plan and this group that support him and why ? 

Mr.Abd AL Ahad...When H.H.Mar Dinkah call all Ashoryeen he is not wrong and when Mr. Aghajan also name us the same also he is not wrong and when Mr.Yonadam say that every Chaldian is Ashori also he is not wrong simply because there is history to prove that and there are documents and books and historian to support all of that and above all they understand the differance between QAWMAYAH AND SECT that i am sure is the focal point that you are missing , so to those who wont to build to them self a qawmayah after the fall of Sadam is insane and embarrassment to them self before others especially with out a shred of prove to their claim but supporting it by people that are full of hate and jealousy who became expert in falsefaying documents and truth knowing their jealousy to the great name of Ashouri is because we kept our history intact by not allowing a change to the language or names and above all reliagon and it is sad that people deny all of this knowing there is no truth to their claim at all, so you can claim your qawmayah Mr.Abd Al Ahad but you will never be able to prove it because neither you or Mr. Fatohi or Bishop of S.D. have the backbone to supported


It is very funny when you accuse people with what you are known to be the master   


المتملـقـون رخـيصون ... يخـسرون كـرامتهم

As you lost your respect among many people due to your hate and jealousy and above all your poison

Khona Bedaweed...Mar Roaiel Sako is a holy man and he mean well and God will always be with him and those who like to direct their attack directly or indirectly to him , i can assure you that they will loose the respect of many people

Just ignore them Mr. Noil simply because and till this moment they do not know the different between QAWMAYAH AND SECT and that is why you see them lost in history by creating to them self a Qawmayah and a flag after the fall of Sadam and what a joke is that

Mr.Esho ..Great article and Marry Christmas and a Happy new year

Thank you Mr.Sana again and as always about your interesting subject .But to those who think It is funny to have such land for all Christian are the same who are creating to them self a new qawmayah that does not exisist

Alqosh was the place of Assyrian Church of the East with out a doubt but in my last visit to Raban Hurmiz i noticed that all the names and the dates from all coufins it been scrached by some people and in purpose so it will not indicate that it belong to ACOE

Let the ACOE in Australia be the light that we need to follow to keep the Assyrian name alive , may God bless all those who have this vision to accomplish this remarkable task and especially H.B.Mar Meelis Zaia and gongratulation to all graduate

It is just stunning the greatness of the Assyrian churchi

To kill it is OK but to drink it is not...... this is what you call as they say in Arabic reeligon of Sarsaryah and Hitlayah

Azizta Janelle it is a pleasure to listen to your beautiful voice the voice of talent Assyrian girl...May God bless you and keep your heavenly voice for years and years to come , someone simply can describe your voice that is heaven on earth

Mr.Leon ...When christianity was flourishing in Mesopotamia , Roman was feeding christian to lions

Mr.Misho it is fine you could not answer any of my two simple questions and i understand why since you have no answer  , now do you ever wonder why and after almost eight years he is still not accepted by your church and only accepted by one Chaldian Bishop from S.D and without the approval of his boss and do you think it is about time at least to ordain him as a Bishop since his dargha was removed by the one that gave him that power , wallah zaid i will be the first to congratulate you to have him but i just wonted you to know the real reason behind his removal was not as he claim, but he used that as a cover for himself because no one will steal churches and register them in his name and claim his love to your church, but as they say in Arabic Kalenah Sakteen ? ? ? ? ? ? ? if you know what i mean

Mr.Misho allow me to correct you in a very simple way ...it is important for you to know the two following points so you can in light yourself  on the truth.....If Ashor Soro was in love with your church as you claim then why he went to the Assyrian Old Calandar Church first but was not accepted also important to remember the main reason for kicking him of ACOE was due to his miss management financial issues of the church and his coraption in many issues , now the last question why Bishop of S.D fall in love with him and those who freecuntly write on his forum if you know what i mean because that group hold tremandanse hate and jealousy toward the mother church the Assyrian church of the east but let me assure you that H.H.Mar Sako is much more clever than you and your boss of S.D further more the rule of the Vatican clearly indicate no Bishop will allow to join the church if he is under Khormah from any other churches

Myoqra Leon.....it is a serious question to those educated ones to ask them self on what Rome have to do with us the ones that we call are self Madinkayah , and once again doctor an outstanding subject as always and very truthful and powerful from a great writer that is respected and loved by those that knows history

Mr.Zaid Misho...The way that you repeat yourself and hold and defend a man like Ashor Soro is a clear indication to your poor education and sickness due to your hate and jealousy from Assyrian Church Of the East , now if their was a touch of honor in you , you could asked yourself how i am defending a man that stole churches and register them in his name and brought 4 churches that was in outstanding shape to be bankrupt and many more things that it is not cool even to talk about on this forum , but again the HATE AND THE JEALOUSY THAT YOU HAVE TOWARD THE MOTHER CHURCH THE ACOE is making you  to look like a fool till this moment and please continue to do this because many are laughing at you , also wondering why your hero still with out a job

A great nation known around the world with mighty great history that brought civilization to all and we are proud to be the sons and daughters of such people

Myoqra James... job well done khona and to those who knows the history knows clearly that Nistoris was a great person but the jealousy of other bishops put him in such a position and also important to know that he is the one that came to ACOE not the other way around and did have the same thealogy as ACOE and as i say before many historian say when he spoke people thought God is talking

Dear Mr.Sana....Any time and by any one call a QAWMAYAH with 3 names and especially when he is in high position considered a loss to all of us and it is an embarrassment also to all of us and this is what the enemy wont to see us always divided as a Qawmayah so they can step on our rights day after day , we all know that no Qawmayah with 3 names and those who support that they are as fool as the others and we all know also that the one name under AL ASHORAYEN was the best for all of us because it got the reputation and it got the logic and the commonsense to support plus the history for it , so let us continue to make a fool of our self by not understanding the sect from the Qawmayah and lets continue to let Jealousy control the truth and this it goes to those who started their new qawmayah after the fall of Sadam

Job well done khona Ashoor ..it is an outstanding subject and with out a doubt you did an excellent job.

Excellent Mr. Esho ..every thing you wrote about Mar Nostoris is correct and your subject is very educational to all and especially to those that does not know anything about him and how great he was , some historian say about Mar Nostoris that when he talked people thought that God was talking , further more they say many other Bishops used to envy him because of his intellagent

Myoqra leon ...to say again how good you are in your writing will be repeated again and again by me even though you deserve to be called a master , i did say this and i will say it again to you and to Mr.Sana may God keep you both healthy and strong to continue to write about our great history in all aspect and i am all positive both will be always and for ever remembared for your greatness ability in choosing the subject and by the way i like the second one

Lion of Tyara..you should update us on status of your church on why 3 Bishops and one Arch Bishop quit your church and about the scandle in it till this moment before attacking the Great Shamaonayah family , jealousy will not get you no where because if you like it or not that family served Assyrians for over 600 years including you and Sorayta

With in you are Ashoor or David Oraha , an excellent article and with out a doubt you deserve our love and respect and also hats off to you khona for such great subject

Rabi Antwan Sana....As always you are top when it comes to writing history and what is wonderful about your writing is the honesty and the truth and to the point , God bless you and give you health and happiness always so we can always enjoy your wisdom

James just for the record it is Soraya not Soreta and he is related to Ashoor Soro and he just turn kaldian and about what he write he been coached to write all the wrong info like his master who no longer have a position

Job well done Rabi for this wonderful explanations

Aziza Dr.Leon ..Even though i did not agree with you this time , but i still respect and admire your writing and i thank you for that....Please would you kindly name the old language that ACOE use when they read the Ewan Galeonn ..what is called

Mr.Ajmaya...Please allow me to say and with out a doubt when it comes to History i can see you not only weak but with a lot of mistakes and this is what happen when some Chaldian people depend on Amir Fatohis books , new flag new Qawmayah and new books will not and can not change history 

Mr Abd Al Ahad.The numbers does not mean anything it is the originality what it count or in better term AL QAWMAYAH what count and the Chaldian is a sect, further more the people of Iraq and around the world knows us and respect us as Ashoryean due to the history that is everywhere and that no one can change , so you are right Chaldian are big in number due to the outside influance of MOBASHEEREN who by force and money and fear change many of you , also please it is about time to wake up and leave the hate and jealousy aside so we do not make a fool if our self by creating a new Qawmayah that have no history

Mr.Sana ..Outstanding as always simply because your articles speaks the truth and it is from the heart with out the means to hurt or insult anyone but we are known to put relation and friendship and tribes above the truth, so please expect always to be attacked by many whenever you speak the truth...God bless you and keep up the good work because people like you and Dr.Leon are hard to find

Dear Mr Raad..I just wont you to know that Mr.Qalo by this time lost both the head and the tail when it come to history and he is known to all for his poor knowalAge to the history of Mesopatamia. Please make sure not to fail into his continues mistake that the original people of Iraq are AL ASHORAEEN AND NO SUCH THING OF CHALDIAN  AND I AM SURE YOU ARE WELL AWARE OF THIS AND ALL PEOPLE OF iRAQ

Myoqra Khoshaba...i know deep in your heart you know the truth to the real name but here you are still playing as a politician so you do ont upset some of those who their new Qawmayah started after 2003, but please allow me to tell you this ....when Zawaa created this name was the bullet to the head of the party real supporters and i see you in one of your answers admit that we are one qawmayah but afraid to name it and you know deep inside that the chaldian and syrian are sects not qawmayah and what ever they do they will not be able to change history

Job well done Rabi Aziza and may God bless you and i am positive under the leadership of H.B.Mar Mellis Zaia you will continue to do the best for ACOE

Myoqra Khoshabah......What kind of SHAAB is with three names , sorry to say but we became the joke of the world when we was known and respected by all and Muslims Iraqis by the name of Ashoraeen , no wonder Mr.Barazani said to go and agree on one name and come back to me , but God forgive those who started their new QAWMAYAH by the fall of Sadam just due to their hate and jealousy

Mr.Sana with a doubt you are a great man and your articles always contains wisdom and honesty.....please keep up the good work and God bless you for such love to your Assyrian nation with all their sects

Mr.Qalo it is not a surprise to see you defend someone like Soreta because you share the same mentality , Soreta is hurting because his man who is related to him was kicked out of the Assyrian church for so many things that it is embarrassing even to talk about, not to forget it been over 8 years passed by and he still without a position, and you are hurting because your man in S.D.his days are numbered and both of your dream will not be accomplished and you can trust me on this because the great H.H.Mar Rofael Sako is to clever for people like you and Soreta and he is fully aware of the conspircy and planning of some people who you see them jumping from Bishop Jamus forum to Ankawa forum

Can you tell me what H.H.Mar Deli said in his Asy about the Chaldian name and how you got it and also please visit Bishop Jamus tape on you tube and see ifor yourself and i am sure you trust both

Oh Soreta if you think for a moment that the Vatican defended Mar Benyamen Shamoon or care about him then you are really a man dressed in a woman cloth......wake up man and maybe you think for a moment that you are a hero to some which it is true but to those who share the same sickness like yours that i called  S.D. church mentality graduate where you man changed his native tonug language and change his name

Mr.Soreta again and again i can describe your answers to be from someone full of it, now my question to you ..How do you know that H.B. Mar Melis meeting with Mr.Haval did not accomplish any thing are you pulling this out of your --- ? it is time for you to let go of your poison of hate and jealousy from every Assyrian even though i can understand your miseary and again as i always say that the defrocked Bishop of yours and his embarrassment effected on you and your brain completely

Wonderful article about great nation that will be rememberd for ever and ever....we are all Ashorayen but with 3 sects Chaldian /Syrian / Athoreen

Mr.Frank i will answer your question but just allow me to ask you a question do you have a brother name Victor Qalaya

Dr.Leon....Sir you are the best and your articles simply you can describe them to be an education to all of us. You speak from the heart and with love to all and the day that you do not write on this forum not only it will be a lose to Ankawa forum but to all of us.....Please  keep up the good work as always

Zaid Misho + Abd Qalo + Michel Sebi + Bishop of S.D are the new owners of the 2003 Qawmayah and they are asking us THE GREAT ASHORAYEEN that are name is written on every rock in Iraq and with in you are in England or France or Germany or China you see are statues AND THE NAME OF GREAT ASSYRIANS , but Mr.Qalo is asking us to return to their JUST new Qawmayah of Bishop Jamu...i hope all above people understand the meaning of this line...YOU ARE TRYING TO CREEAT A NEW HISTORIES VAINLY AGAIN VAINLY TO PROVE THAT CHALDIAN IS THE NAME OF A NATION , PLEASE IT IS ABOUT TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE

Mr.Soreta your info and your attachment is as false as you and just for your information not only because H.H. Mar Sako wrote but almost all Assyrian parties and also Assyrians Clergies with all their ranks send their concern and disapprovel to the Kurdish Gov by the way now suddenly you became Khaldian

Mr Khoshaba i agree with you and further more that we attack those who work hard and serve Assyrians not by talk and by empty promisses but by seeing which it is believing ......we do have a problem called Jealousy because those who work and we can see their work are a threat to those fake Omtanayah that the honest hard working Assyrians shine the light on all thiefs who makes millions in the name of needy Assyrians and the examples are many to list

Myoqra Khoshaba....First of all allow me to tell you that i admire your honesty even though it came late but again i thank you for that . To many and to me i knew the answer to all the questions that i asked you before and my admiration for you it comes from being the first to admit Zawa conspircy when no one from Zawa have the backbone to admit that till now thinking that most of the people are idiots and no one will soon or later they will know about their crime led by Mr.kana and especially when it  came from an Assyrian party against an Assyrian church by some i call phony Omtanayah and this is the right way to describe them if not more , no one can forget those Zawas members waving the Assyrian flag in front of the court house against Etan Qadeshta when the Great Bishop of Australia was defending Etan, but with in it was Zawa or Jamu or Soro or some from the old Calander Church members and clergy i can proudly say they all paid the price dearly and gain nothing other than embarrassment and lack of respect from respected Assyrians around the world and from those who knew the truth and they are many if Zawa think other wise and please Mr.Khoshaba never call Soro a victim because you do not know a lot more ......Khaya Omtan and Etan

Myoqra Khoshaba...I am sorry for not asking you more questions from the start ,so i will be thankful if you can answer my questions , we all knew that Ashoor Soro bought some members of Zawaa with the money that he stole from the Churches of CA and we know also that Mr.Kana does not belong to A.C.O.E and we also know about the Chaldian Bishop of S.D. involvement that was clear, also not to forget members from the Old Calander supported Ashoor Soro due to their hate and Jealousy and their tribe connection to Mr.Kana ....Now my question to you what was his GOAL from all of this and why the Assyrian Church of the east in specific ? and how about his trip to the Vatican with Ashoor Soro ? and the buisness connection ? and why Zawaa party and members and especially members of Zawa from the Assyrian church of the East kept quiet ? and why Ashoor Soro and Zawa turned their back on each other now?

Mr.Khoshaba i thank you very much for answering my question and i do trust you in your answer, so may God bless you and keep you healthy and happy for our beloved Assyrian nation

Soreta you can not play your game on me and when you ask me to read what Zinda magazine wrote it is a clear indication that you did belong to  that group because we all knew what that magazine stood for and who ran it and who manage it , zinda was the back bone of Ashoor Soro and the conspaircy started from that magazine against the ACOE by the thief of CA your man and his thugs who faked documents and then the forum changed it is name to Mesopotamian forum but both went to the garbage and no longer exisist, people like you used that magazine to attack are church, sick people like you.By the way you forgot to update us on your man is he still a chaichi in S.D. So eat your heart and yes Assyrian for ever and proud of it and if i am not wrong once you almost got arrested for falsely accuse people

Mr.Askar..Many of us knows where the poison comes from and by what Bishop and by the help of those certain writers that you see them frequently write on the same forum that belong to the same church , but let me assure you that H.H. Mar Sako is a great man of God and he is fully aware of their plot and he is keeping an eye on him and on his church and on what they have in mind that will never be accomplished because they are working against the will of God

Myoqra Sami......Such people get hurt when they hear any thing good Assyrians around the world can accomplish and H.B.accomplishments in Australia hurt them badly due to their sick mind or because the man she or he support brought disaster to every thing that he touched......God bless anyone that can do something good for this poor nation             

Mr.Khoshaba..i do have a lot of respect for you and i admire your love to Etah and Omtah and for that i have one question if you be kind enough to answer my question.......As a previous member of Zawaa and with great love to Omtah Atoraytah.... How did you allow your party to conspire on the mother church of Assyrians the A.C.O.E ....Again i thank you in advance and please again allow me to tell you that my question to you comes from the heart

Soreata or in real Sorayah....Your hate and jealousy it not only in your writing but i am sure it is all over your face also and as i told you before your man Ashoor went to the garbage bin of history and the one that you hate he is moving up and up because God is with him, so keep digging in  old story that you know for a fact that he have nothing to do with it, please update us on your man status with the Chaldian church if he get accepted after 10 years

Soreta...H.B. twisted no ones hand to join Karl Suleman but Karl played his game correctly by using the church and you know this clearly but your hate and jealousy toward the A.C.O.E what makes you attack H.B. of Australia and your connection to Ashoor Soro who got kicked out of the church for his tons of problem including Victoria secret is killing you more and the accomplishment of H.B. is adding salt on your wound so continue to burn and may God bless Etan and H.B. over and over

 Outstanding job and with out a doubt the best i ever read from you Mr.Sami and regarding this called Soreta please ignore her she is full of holes and Jealousy and many of us knows her that close friend of Bishop Jamu and Ashoor Soro and the accomplishment of H.B Mar Mellis to Assyrians is killing her inside out

Dr.leon as always a wonderful job and to the point god bless .

Mr.Misho your dream and dreams of your hero Soro and dreams of your master in San Diago will mean nothing to such an  intellagent person like H.H. Mar Rofael Sako because ruel of the church clearly indicate that you can not accept a Mokromah person

Mr.Cipi...Those who created to themself a new Qawmayah lately like you and like Zaid and cezar and who got their education from S.D.state as the one that he is known to all to go and change the Bible book and many other books including of his own father books by erasing the name of Assyrians and replaced by one of his own. My dear friend maybe you can fool some people with the same mentality like you but you will never be able to change History because it been always one Qawmayah with 3 sects and Al Ashorayeen   

Mr.Ajmayah first of all i wont to thank you for your qiuck respounse and the time that you took to write your original article. i do wont you to trust me on this that i did not know that Mr.Amer Fatohi is the one that wrote such thing but i knew that any thing  wrong about history is coming from Mr. Fatohi and i will tell you why and please keep this in mind.......Every Historian that is full of hate and jealousy toword any nation can not and will not be a trusted Historian and what i mean by that, Mr. Fatohi when he write about are Chaldian history 99% of his writing is wrong wrong wrong and wrong because he is motivated by hate toword the Assyrian great history and that bother him makes him a failier as a historian among all others and he will not be respected other than by those who have the same mentality and feeling like him

Mr.Leon...How good is what you write and all it comes from the heart to all of us who can understand your point. With all honesty people like you are hard to find and allow me to call you a legend in choosing the subject and again your concern about your nation it make you a legend and for that may God bless you. It is natural to see great people like you attacked by those who are full of hate and jealousy but who care because you are in the heart of every one that love his nation from the heart and again i thank you for that.

Mr.Ajmayah ...would you kindly direct me to the book or the article that yo read this name in but please do not direct me to Mr.Fatoohies books because i have no trust in such historian at all

Thank you in advance

Azizi Mike...i am not worry at all neither i am concern, but we can not see lies and twiist of history and keep quiet. I see this very very funny and may God bless him and bless you for this new gulf, and God help us what else we are going to see , but i can   assure you, i will not be quiet on those who try to twist history in any way possible or keep quiet on lies neither allow those motivated by hate to twist history

Mr.Ajmayah.......i think your latest claim in your article is the funniest ever when you said (Al khalij Al chaldani )..please Habibi and Azizi stop making such claims you and others like you are making a fool of themself

Mr.Qalo allow me to advise you to go and see a doctor because the hate and jealousy it is written all over your face and the face of those who are members of the forum that belong to S.D.if you know what i mean.

Mr Qalo.......Where was your Qawmayah before 2003 and may God forgive you for speaking lie by saying The Chaldian are the original people of Iraq. Please educate yourself before writing.

I incourage the church always to answer those who are full of hate and jealousy so they put an end to this grope of people that frequently they write on the forum of Bishop of S.D.

Mr.Leon.....without a doubt what you write is great and to the point and from the heart i would like to thank you for that and for people like you with great spirit they will always have some of those who have midiyokr mind, please continue and let those who are full of hate and jealousy to continue in their nonesense.

Again and again and again..the down fall of Zawaa is ...conspiring on the mother church the ACOE and the slashes that  was created on shema Ashorayah back fire on them.

Just wondering why all the hate and jealousy and posion it is always comming from those who are strong members of the forum that belong to the Chaldian Bishop of San Diag ?.

Mr.Mohamed.....May God bless you for your great subject and without a doubt it show the great history of all Ashorayah and we thank you for that from the heart 

Wondering what will be Abdll Ahad Qalos replie to his boss Bishop Sarhat Jammu about this video that give those who write on  Bishop of S.D forum a slap on their own face. ..

 With much love to those graduates who will cary the tourch of Assyrian nation for years and years to come. Looking into your eyes we see the detrmanation to keep this nation name and history in your heart forever and ever. To H.B. i say judge them by their work , a true man with vision wish we have thaousands like him.

I do wish Zawaa the best and i hope that God will soften the hearts of all those who are involve to solve their problem, and with all honesty i do strongly beleive that Zawas mistake or down fall of Zawa was 1-His slashes on ( shema Ashoraya ) and 2- His conspiricy on the mother church the ACOE and his support to Ashoor Soro.

Mr.Youhanna...I read your article very carefully and i stand by what i said previously , there are those who does not wont to give   this unity a chance despite many many diffrances and if you read the pages of Ankawa forum now and before for years you will notice that the most poison is comming from one State that i mention before and by the same people who are writting here and are members of the other forum if you know what i mean.......Thank you

Dear Mr.Bedaweed.....is it coinsident that most of those who spread their poison among our Assyrian nation are the same who usually write in Caldayah.net a forum that belong to no one other than the Chaldian Bishop of San Diago

And since when your old heritage is Roman...it is time for you to wake up and study history to know what was your real church and with out adoubt it is the ACOE.

I hope Zawaa will remain one and all the problems will be solved , so they can serve omtan Ashoraytah better and better, one of the main reason of fall of Zawaa is when the party conspired on Assyrian Church of the East by some of their own members and leaders and when they put their hands on the hands of Assyrians enemy

Mr.Mesho...yes you are right the problem of all problems is a currupted leader and those who defend him and God how true is this and especially about you when you defend a Bishop that stole Assyrian churches and register them in his name and bankrupt all churches under his control and have people like you defend him when you know nothing about the truth and the damage that he brought to all churches of california and to Sons and Daughter of Assyrians.

May God bless you and make you think twice about your last line of your post before passing it for others.

Mr Sam. It is an insult to every honest Assyrian to see someone like you writting about the great Assyrians History and simply because once a traitor is always a traitor.
Many  and sadly i can say, they think that you struck a deal with H.H. to stop your show and your attack on the great Bishops of ACOE not knowing that falsely accusing people and falsefy documents was going to get you into the slamer for a long time and that was the main reason that you stopped your show and pulled your videos from you tube, So maybe you can get the respect of those that they used to finance you show from enemys of Assyrians but you will never and will not gain the respect of the real Assyrians...

الاخ ابو سنحاريب تعقيبا على معلوماتك القيمة عن تاريخ الرياضة الاشورية وثنائا على هذه الامعلومات القيمة اود ان اصحح خطاء غير مقصود عن البطل سامؤيل سكوبيلا انه العداء الحائز على المدالية الذهبية في سباق الركض 400 متر و 800 متر في دورة لبنان و 800 متر في طهران واحب ان اضيف معلومة عنه لما كان طالب في الجامعة الامريكية استطاع تحطيم رقمه القياسي في 400 متر و 800 متر . لهذا وددت تصحيص الخطاء لم يكن اثنيل داوود كما اسلفت الحاصل عل هذه الالقاب بل صامؤيل سكوبيلا بلمناسبة صامؤيل سكوبيلا هو خالي وانا لازلت احتفظ بالمداليات التي احرزها . اود ان اشكرك ابو سنحاريب لجوهدك في ذكر ابطال الاشوريين بالرياضة بالرغم من الخطاء لكن انا احييك من كل قلبي بارك الله جهودك

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