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العنوان: Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim:The Vatican's nuncio to the his own Church!!!
أرسل بواسطة: Eissara في 23:53 12/02/2006
Does the Chaldean Church have any kind of independency to run its own affairs when having a diocese must be approved by the Vatican otherwise the Chaldean Patriarch can't decide to have a diocese for his own flock???

Shouldn't the Patriarch be the one to decide whether his flock in a certain country must have a diocese or not???

If this is what they're calling a "communion with the Vatican and a Uniate" then I hope that The Church of The East will never decide to go into such a deal and remain independent to run its own affairs.

Let it be a poor Church but let it reserve its dignity and its independency as it has been for generations being a truly ancient Church.