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العنوان: Christ put to the world : theology : absolute positive Love existance and man : "me and the other":behaveral .
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] #: Christ put to the world, theology: "absolute positive love of existence and of man (for me and for the other)". Behavior.
For the deacon Edward Odisho Written on the 18th of March 2018

Is that what religions do and secular death to the other, just a bubble ?!
The waves of global political polarization were "exclusively" crushed by some of the death politicians with their negative circles, the enemy of peaceful, innocent human behavior, the victim, to reap more moral and secular degeneration of the "unholy", which casts thick clouds on the universal conscience of humanity to set himself an enemy of life number one, To the successive victories suspicious suspicious slope down to the unstable and frightening to her, and an unthinkable abyss, to reap the two innocent people, God forbid his divinity above.
The evolution of scientific and human concepts with tremendous acceleration
I write this quick introduction back to my memory back then, to the sixties and love to compare to my constant belief that all concepts develop positively or negatively, to the unstable of each, and each of them the price, which made the man live the world a limited closed tightly closed , A lifelong to get rid of him, his key belief in the need not to be separated from his absolute love for the other here is still my intention vague, to explain the difference between the two.
There is no compromise in the interest of the eternal god in the face of the sanctity of affirmation of the other
The first is that the development of positive concepts makes the inevitability of this development a continuous profit for the person, protected by stalemate and monotony, and the promotion of surrender to the other and bargaining to return from (me and the other) to me. This was what Christ did not do to include him in his symbols and like in the New Testament.
Second, the development of negative concepts makes the inevitability of this development a continuous loss and misery of man, which makes him addicted to brainwashing what is available in his memory, to a series of bargaining, a victory for the other, marginalizing the other in the interest of Alana Alqqtip. To make the man inside a tightly sealed life cage, with an opening that gave his addiction to the robbery of the other, in the sea of ​​ignorant ignorance,
That the eternal disposal of the two to find the key of that cage is impossible for any moment of positive positivity makes it an alternative, to his position of the infinity, the first of the inertia and not develop until the positive constantly, whenever the opportunity to develop the world of knowledge, which is the only champion of any human religion developed, .
Look into some view to ideal, lofty ideals
And here to listen to our correspondent in the minds of the so-called enemies of this ideal:
The ideal of positive behavioral concepts lies in their lack of knowledge and cultural stock, under the classical argument of the prosaic advantage that lies in the survival of man outside his peaceful innocence with his absolute love for every human being. But he is ignorant of this information, and this does not hurt him, as anyone who has these specifications. With the presence of monks who lived the evolution of the Christian Christological concepts, to the world.
What I mean by the so-called ideal of behavioral behavior is that the one who makes this offer a criterion: is because it negates the negation effect of the above reasons when he realized the near failure or not, put wood in the way of the global convoy of positive development, and this is what he called the absence of harvesting of global benefit , Unaware that the seeds of the practices of the plant to mature and give the fruits, muttered the date of the period of seed and plant growth until victory harvest time, and this does not happen once. But for every living seed that has the conditions of germination, for the benefit of the benefit and the socialization of the distribution of each person.
Christ does not demand any ownership or precedent (for a treasure scale) that makes him bound by Powell who calls for it, that he is so, to leave it to those who realize it, for every human being in the world.
In conclusion: - Put this and my destiny and history and the limits of what happened and get to the human, I see and hear. Analyze, compare.
The world's poor and its victims and those who hold absolute good are the ones who inherit the world
To say that the unholy religions and secularism go to the hell of this world, which is hostile to this innocent proposition from me, only the love of life and peaceful freedom for me and for the other.
And live concepts of absolute positive love of existence and man: me and the other, "which is not. , Which exist as dormant cells waiting to challenge current world politics, to be a human revolution in the world of human information development forever.