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هنا يمكنك مشاهدة جميع المشاركات التى كتبها هذا العضو . لاحظ انه يمكنك فقط مشاهدة المشاركات التى كتبها فى الاقسام التى يسمح لك بدخولها فقط .

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الهجرة و واللاجئين / IOM -SIV
« في: 10:07 08/10/2011  »
Please visit our website and petition:


Hi everyone,

We have created a website for SIV and IOM applicants to guide them to a petition which was started by an American activist to help the SIV and IOM applicants.

Please visit our website and make suggestions on how to improve it. More importantly, we need some testimonies and stories from those who have faced serious life threatening danger. And if you have any pictures of any deceased Iraqi interpreters Killed in Action (KIA) or killed due to his/her job affiliation please send it to us , so we can post it on our website.


Please visit our website at: www.iraqiallies.co.cc


زين ادري هذا الأخ المسوي الموضوع بالبيت الأبيض ميعرف شون يكتب terrorist
اشو كاتبها هيج
ههههههه خطيه مستعجل مدري TNT
في مان لاه

. Well, lets be serious and try to  help,  Instead of picking out a typographic mistake and laugh about it.


 لقد انشأ صديق لنا عريضة في الموقع الالكتروني ل"البيت الابيض" من اجل لفت انتباه حكومة الولايات المتحدة الى الاجراءات الخاصة ب ال "الفيزا الخاصة للهجرة"
العريضة تحتاج الى 5000 توقيع خلال 30 يوما و إلا لن تأخذ بعين الاعتبار من قبل حكومة الولايات المتحدة
على اي حال, أذا حصلنا على 5000 توقيع, فسوف تقوم سلطات حكومة الولايات المتحدة بتقديم رد رسمي لعريضتنا هذه
في حال حصلنا على 150 توقيع فقط, فهذا سوف يجعل العريضة تظهر في نتائج البحث مما يمكن المزيد من الاشخاص العثور عليها و توقيعها
أذا كنت من اصحاب قضايا ال SIV او ال IOM الرجاء الاخذ بنظر الاعتبار ان توقيع هذه العريضة هو مساعدة لقضيتك الخاصة
وقع العريضة من هنا: http://wh.gov/4dZ
مع الشكر

Translation into Arabic:Hayoota Alany
Join our Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/IrqiSIVs/

Everybody else, Thanks for your comments!

من رخصة صديقنه صاحب الموضوع ..

حبيت اسئل سؤال ؟
شنو موضوع اللنك هذا يعني تتصورون انو شخص عادي من جيمس الي مسوي لنك عالفيس بوك ويساعدكم ؟ واتصور هوايه اسامي اكو واغلبهم عاملين مع القواة الامريكيه والشركات الامنيه الامريكيه او المنضمات الحكوميه والغير الحكوميه الامريكيه
تتصورن هالشي صحيح ؟ تتصورون دائرة الامن القومي الامريكي رح ياخذون رائي شخص عادي ؟ زين شنو صنفه وشنو هنوانه الوضيفي ؟ ومشفتو اكو شي اسمه موقع جديد والفيس بوك مالته الشخصي جديد ؟ يعني الشغله مو للعبه اغلبكم عايشين في العراق حاليا من المقدمين على برنامج الهجرة الخاصه .. منو ميكول هالشي مو لعبه من ارهابيين او لعبه من المليشيات التابعه للحكومه العراقيه يتم متابعتكم عن طريق الصور الشخصيه في الفيس بوك او مناطق سكناكم او عن طريق منظومة الانترنت الي تستخدمون منها ؟

اتمنه انو تصحون شويه

ويا شباب مسئلة التاخير هيه لسبب واحد فقط

من لزمو اثنين ارهابيه في الولايات المتحده في احدى الولايات ما اتذكر اسمها كانو مترجمين عاملين مع القواة المريكيه وكلعو عن طريق برنامج ال IOM  وكانو ممولين من تنظيم القاعده .. هذا هوه سبب التاخير الي ديصير تجيك امني على 3 مراحل بدل من مرحله وحده في السابق عند اكثر من جيه امريكيه امنيه

والموقع او الكروب عن طريق الفيس بوك هيه عباره عن للعبه ووهم هذا رائي
خليكم واقعيين ومحد يكدر يحرك ملف واحد اله من تعبر 3 مراحل تجيك امني

تحياتي الكم

واسف صديقي صاحب الموضوع بس حبيت ان اشارك واعبر عن رائي


Silver, thank you for your warning and all that. I am the administer of the facebook page, my name on the page is Hazarasp Al, and we have another friend Oppressed Interpreter who is also an administrator.  we are both SIV applicants, not terrorists :) , I created the page about few months ago. People have been joining the page, many of them do not reveal important information about themselves, for example myself, I have created a new account just for the Facebook group, I have no information on the page. Anyone, who joins the page can create a fake facebook account, it does not cost you a penny

Now some people have entered the page with their real facebook account, with some information , but that is because they are either outside of Iraq, or somewhere safe in Iraq.

 The facebook group is much easier to connect us with one another, and with American agencies and activists  like  Vancura.

Now regarding Vancura's petition, its not just a person's call on the US government, Vancura is trying to pressure the government by collecting 5000 signatures for the SIV cause. This sort of pressure is called grass-root   campaign,  on White House's website it says any subject that collects 5000 signatures should be considered by the government so its much more than just a one individual's efforts. ,

As for the postponement reasons we know what they are, we have been following the news for 7 months and know much more that those reasons you have posted. There was tons of articles on Ny times, Washington post,   ...etc we watched a congress meeting on the issue , and much more.

Finally, I do believe you have the right to  doubt our whole campaign, but you can still join the campaign without any authentic information  in your account.

About your last doubt, of Iraqi terrorists tracing our whereabouts via using internet?!!! common, I dont know what to say about that?!!! Do they have that ability? most of the Middle Eastern states do not have that ability, do you think a group of uneducated violent people can do that?!! I dont think so.

Once again, I do assure you the page is created by me, I have been on Ankawa.com for over 5 months,and by they way I have already gotten my visa, I am just trying to help. So instead of appreciation I should not be accused of bad stuff!

Thanks, see you on our page, with a different facebook account!

اخوية ورة متفوت على اللنك http://www.wh.gov/4dZ تروح تسوي اكاونت جديد ( Create an Account )  وتكتب اسمك وايميلك وراح يسئلك عن Zip Code  فأنتة اكتب مال ولاية اللي بيها الكفيل مالتك.. ورة متخلص كلشي راح يوصلك ايميل بية الباسورد وتفوت مرة ثانية عالموقع واتدوس على Sign this Petition >

السالفة كلها متطول 3 دقايق وكلش سهلة

Thank you for the explanation of how it is signed. As for a Zip code, you can enter any zip code in the states. I ) entered ( 27252 So if you do not know your sponser's zip code, just enter:

Zip code: 27252

petition signed & thx for your help brother, i think its better to inform our friends here in Arabic languages so it will be easier for them to understand whats  the reason for signing this petition..
till now only 8 peoples sign it !!!

Thank you very much Dear Bimta Al Farj, yes you are right, it should be in Arabic, but I am sorry my Arabic is not good enough to translate all that, so if you can please post an Arabic explanation of the petition. Thanks again!

Thanks for the link brother Cougar1234567  that really helps our cause
I wish all our SIV friends do the same and join the Page

Thanks Kunda, please do encourage your friends to sign the petition, so far only a small number of people have signed it. We can do more to get the authorities hear our voices.

الهجرة و واللاجئين / Important- SIV- IOM
« في: 22:04 30/09/2011  »
Hi everyone,

An American activist has started a campaign for the SIV applicants. James L Vancura is his name, he has started a petition asking the US government to  "take immediate and affirmative action to provide first priority to ALL ELIGIBLE AND QUALIFIED SIV applicants" now he needs SIV applicants to sign the petition. He has posted a link of his petition on our Facebook page, SIV applicants' page, so please do sing this petition here is the link of the Facebook page where you can sign the petition:


الهجرة و واللاجئين / رد: Join SIV group
« في: 21:52 30/09/2011  »
ARMY STRONG , you do not have to like the group every time I post a message here, I post the message for the new comers. You do not have to like the group at all. And by the way your comment is not very funny!!

الهجرة و واللاجئين / Join SIV group
« في: 20:34 29/09/2011  »
HI, everyone, we have a Facebook group for the SIV applicants, if you are one, then please consider joining the page, here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/IrqiSIVs/

الهجرة و واللاجئين / SIV Group on Facebook
« في: 00:50 16/09/2011  »
Hi Everyone!

I'de like to invite you to join our SIV Group on Facebook. Facebook makes information sharing much easier. We have about 90 members (all SIV applicants and related personals), so if you are an SIV applicant, do consider joining our group. If you are worried about your identity being revealed in Facebook, then create a new facebook account, with no authentic information.

You can click on this link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/IrqiSIVs/ to join the group

I have been waiting for 10 months and 2 days! They contacted me few weeks ago for some information and said we are working on your case!!!! how long more will it take?!!! NO ONE KNOWS!!!

As for the comment above, regarding administrative processing and Additional Administrative Processing (Posted by Dawood 54), I think they are the same thing, sometimes they say administrative processing and sometimes they Additional Administrative processing.

ISLam ZM1 you should not worry too much, and will hopefully get some news soon, Administrative processing now takes up to one year, so dont worry bro. If it passes one year and you recieve nothing, that is when you should worry, as for now you are fine!!!  :)

Hi everyone!

We have a facebook page for the SIV applicants, with due respect for all the other applicants of other programs, but we are trying to gather the SIV applicants on one page.

We already have about 90 members, so please consider joining our page, so we can share information about our cases, good and bad news,  in an easier way.

Having a Facebook page makes it easier for those members who want to contact NGOs and newspapers, and refer them to the page where the NGO or newspaper can easily contact SIV applicants.
We already have the LIST PROJECT Organization as a member of our page.
If you are worried about your identity being revealed, upon joining our page, then please do create a new account with no picture no real name that should solve the problem.
We think facebook is easier to communicate, because upon posting a new item everyone will be notified. You do not have to search for hours for an item you want to read.
We are of course grateful of Ankawa.com and its great  help in bringing all of us together initially !!

Thank you and please do consider joining the page, the below link takes you directly to the page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/IrqiSIVs/

اعتقد اللي سمعنا بيهم  بالمنتدى  لحد ال 2     

وعلى كلن  الله يساعدكم  حماعه ال 2010

ان شاء الله  مابقه شي

No , there are many more, go to Facebook page of the SIV applicants:http://www.facebook.com/pages/SIV-Applicants/177213215672823

السلام عليكم اخوان اكو من جماعة اللي مقابلين من ال2010 على الاس اي في او بعدة ممستلم فيزا اشو هواية جماعة بسنة 2011 شهر الثاني وشهر الواحد وشهر الرابع طلعت الهم فيزة اشو اني مقابلتي يوم 13/10/2010 ولحد الان ما اكو شي
وبالتوفيق للي طلعت اللهم وانشاء الله يوم اللي تطلع النة والتوفيق يارب للجميع

Its strange!!! My interview was on 10/11/2010, nothing so far!!!

نبهوه يا معودين ;D

To be honest that is not very funny. He knows facebook is revealing and he does not care, so I am sure he is safe otherwise no one is that stupid. Besides, how do you know that is his name and photo?!!

That is actually weird, they usually respond to inquiries in five working days. I sent them an Email  about two weeks ago, and I am still waiting for their answer TOO!!!!! But, I looked at the US embassy page few days ago, and I saw a note, which read: US embassy will be closed for five days, I think it was closed due to Ramadhan feast. Now that is for US embassy Ankara, I dont know about the one in Baghdad. Anyways, on  Monday September 5th they officially resumed normal working days. May be they will also close for few days on September 11.

I am worried if they won't even read our emails that were sent to them during the hollidays! :-[

الهجرة و واللاجئين / SIV visas Issued
« في: 15:19 07/09/2011  »
Hi everyone, an SIV applicant who is a member of our SIV applicants' page says he has received his SIV visa on 1 September, and his friend has received his visa as well. He has he has been waiting for 7 months, and his friend's interview was on January 2011.

Good news, looks like they are finally working on the visas issuance,

here is the link of his comment on our facebook page, if you like to read it: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=210524782341666&id=177213215672823&notif_t=feed_comment 

الهجرة و واللاجئين / رد: SIV
« في: 09:52 07/09/2011  »
Thanks for your efforts. But to be honest I don't think you should be that optimistic about it. A senator may be able to speak up, but surely won't be able to make them change the procedures, but as you said let's hope for the best
well  lets   wait and  see whats gonna happen in these coming days and i want you all to know that  kirk johnson is fighting for us    and i   recommend you all to  go to the list projecti n face book and thank him  for what they do  cause they are doing there bests

I agree!

الهجرة و واللاجئين / رد: SIV
« في: 22:46 06/09/2011  »
Thanks for your efforts. But to be honest I don't think you should be that optimistic about it. A senator may be able to speak up, but surely won't be able to make them change the procedures, but as you said let's hope for the best

الهجرة و واللاجئين / رد: SIV
« في: 14:50 06/09/2011  »
there  well be a interview  with  a senator in  13 sep  in this month      talking about rejected cases  and the  old cases of  iom and siv   and lets hope that senator is gonna help us with some thing 
and the interview is  from  list project employer   
 hope that is a good news

Interesting, Can you please provide us a link of where you get the news and where the interview will be published/posted?

Thanks Bro!

الهجرة و واللاجئين / SIV
« في: 01:49 06/09/2011  »
Hi, everyone!

Any new news about SIV?
Its frustrating that no one is talking about SIV, no media, no applicants!!!

, Thanks HAIDER SALEEM, Inshalla soon, and inshalla all of our brothers here get it soon :)

If he has a visa to Europe, the  Turkish prohibition does not matter. He can land in Istanbul, remain in the transit area and then wait for his next flight. He only won't be able to enter Istanbul, or leave the transit area.

thanks AL HAZARASP for your help .I did converted it to words but I thought there was a direct way
thank you


I converted the form to picture format and then used paint program to type the information on the file. If you can do so, then that is a good way, you will avoid all the issues with handwriting, printing, scanning and so on so forth. I converted the file for you but cannot post it here, Ankawa.com wont let me. So if you can do it yourself do it, if you cant then contact me on my facebook page I will post it there for you and tell you how to fill it in.

Al Hazarasp is my name on Facebook, here is the link  of my account,


good luck, i hope you find this message helpful.

hello bro, Dont warry man As I think there is no arefusal plan 4 ur case, so they want to complete your VISA process.. God willing

Thank you George, I hope that is the case!

Thank you guys very much,  for your contributions here.

Willpower, I did write the history of my travels to them, in fact two times, in the DS-157 and DS-230. Thanks for your opinion.
My respected friend Haidar Saleem, no I do not. I hope you are right and my Adm. Processing is about to finish, but we never know bro, it may take another 10 months, before they check that little thing. Thanks a lot for the wish, I wish the same for all the SIVs and IOMs.
Need Justice 1,
کتبت التاريخ رحلاتي في استماره‌ 230، بس ما کتبت الشهر واليوم مال رحلاتي. يکون هذا السبب!

Jeanaali , they asked for a complete history, I guess that means before and after.
Kunda bro, They did not specify before or after the interview. Sure here is a copy of the email:
Dear Mr. xxxxxxx
In order to continue the administrative processing on your case, this office needs the following information:
A complete travel history including dates and places of travels.
Once we receive the information, we will be able to continue the said processing.
Immigrant Visa Unit
This email is UNCLASSIFIED.

بالاستمارة 230 انته مو كاتب لهم كل رحلاتك القمت بيها والى اين وتواريخها

In DS-157 and DS-230 I wrote my travel history, but I did not write the exact dates, I have traveled few times, so  only I wrote the name of the country and the year of my travel.

Thank you bro, for your answer

Hi everyone, few minutes ago I received an email from US embassy Ankara, they ask me for a complete history of my travels?!!!! They say we need that information to continue processing your case!!

What do you guys think about it? could it be a sign of rejection, or completion of  my processing?

Has anyone had a similar situation, or have you had a friend with a similar situation?

Interview Date: Nov. 10th 2010
Status: waiting on Adm.  processing. 

Just be truthfull and don't hide anuthing because if they have information that you hide it will be dragatory towards your case.
Good Luck

Thanks Jeana, of course I will be. But I was wondering what do you guys think about the whole email thing, could be a sign that my administrative processing is about to finish or what? that is what I was asking, I was not asking if I should tell them the truth,,, lol But thanks a lot for your advice Sis.

Hi everyone, few minutes ago I received an email from US embassy Ankara, they ask me for a complete history of my travels?!!!! They say we need that information to continue processing your case!!

What do you guys think about it? could it be a sign of rejection, or completion of  my processing?

Has anyone had a similar situation, or have you had a friend with a similar situation?

Interview Date: Nov. 10th 2010
Status: waiting on Adm.  processing. 

So the net is the problem!! forgot about Iraqi internet already!! what a lucky man just to be outside of Iraq!!

lمو بس انترنيت     اني مااكدر اشارك بحسابي لان كلنا تعرف   

لا اني اعرفك  ولا انت تغرفني   

لا تفهمني غلط   بس اني صريح  وحجيها بالوجه  اني مااثق بأي احد بالمنتدى الا كم واحد   نعرفهم 

المهم   مااعتقد الفيس بووك  فكرة ناجحه    رأيي  لا اكثر ولا اقل


Common facebook does not give strangers the grid of your whereabouts!! Use a new facebook acount. I have made one just for facebook, so I have no worries about you finding out who I am, I know facebook can be revealing, but common it takes only two minutes to create a new account and do not post any pictures or any information that may expose your identity!!


So the net is the problem!! forgot about Iraqi internet already!! what a lucky man just to be outside of Iraq!!

Interviewed November 2010. Still waiting.

Guys I suggest, someone should make a group or a  page on Facebook, and we could all meet there. The facebook page is much easier and it will always stay as it is, no need to update unlike our pages here. Besides on facebook, if someone writes something new, we will all be notified and will be easily able to find the post, but not here. So please lets create a group on facebook and make our communications easier.


I did my interview on November 10 2010.

There are some more people in November/september 2010. I have posted a question on SIV facebook page, you can see how many people are waiting as we do, here is the link:


Please join the page if you have not already, so we know who gets his/her visa, when. and so we can do something together for those who are refused, thanks.
By the way there are people on my page that have been waiting for 9 to 11 months.

Guys contact the List project and see if they can do something for you! here is their email address: refugees@thelistproject.org

I talked to a member of the organization and I told him, that these guys have been rejected randomly , for no clear reason, he said tell them to email their cases to us, so if you want use the above email to let them know about your case.

I have few questions for those whose COM approval has been revoked:

1- Why do you think, your COM has been revoked?
2- Are you still working for the US troops/organizations?

تحياتي لحضرتك اخوية ايهم هذي من اخلاقك العالية
انت تريد وانا اريد والله يفعل ما يريد
بس اكو شي احب اضيفة هوة الولد مقدم من زمان على الاي او ام وقبل فترة تقريبا اسبوعين قابل مقابلة اولى وسئلو على الجواز كلهم بالسفارة لان مقدم اس اي في اكو احتمال انه لغوا الاس اي في  علمود الاي او ام ماعرف اسئل اصحاب الخبرة لان الحالة تكررت وية اكثر من واحد اتمنى الي عدهم خبرة بالموضوع يشاركونة  بالمناسبة هوة صاحبي ما مهتم كلش للرفض يكول الحمد لله والشكر والخير فيما يختاره الله وطلع للبيت قبل اشوية ويضحك يكولي حرامات فلوس الفحص الطبي راحت علية

I dont think it is related to IOM. Because when you apply for SIV, they tell you, you can also apply for IOM at the same time!

Has he completed one year? did he have recommendations? has he been fired before in his job? Did he serve in the former Iraqi army?

I have noticed one thing, from the four people I heard that their COM approval was taken back, and the thing I notice is that most of them have done their interview about 4 to 6 months ago?!! Does this mean, if you have passed 6 months, then you are safe from COM withdrawal?

وهذا الايميل وبيه أتاج

Thank you for your interest in the Special Immigrant Visa Chief of Mission Approval (SIVCOM) Program.


Attached is the letter notifying you of the decision of the Chief of Mission (COM) designee on your application for an Iraqi Special Immigrant Visa (SIV).  Please note that all decisions are final and the decision may not be appealed.



SIV Unit

National Visa Center

Serco Inc
Support Contractor

Email: IraqSIVApplication@state.gov

Web: http://iraq.usembassy.gov/special_immigrant_visas.html


So sorry to hear that bro. Alla Kareem. Can you please post the attachment?!

And why do you think they  they withdrew the COM approval?

When were you interviewed


Please answer this question, if you are an SIV applicant


If you have not joined our page on Facebook, please do so. If you are concern about identity exposition, then just create a new Facebook account only for SIV page.

I think its better for us to communicate on Facebook, because its easier to find out about new things posted. Here on Ankawa you have to search for hours, but on facebook, anything new comes up, you will be sent a notification and can easily find it.
One more benefit is that, from facebook we can contact US government bodies and Senators as a group from Facebook. Which could be much more effective than individually emailing them.

We have about 50 SIVs on Ankawa but only about 25 have joined the page, so we are waiting for the rest of you.

The question above is about the duration of time passed after the interview. I have read two refusals so far, one was refused after five months, and another one was supposedly refused after 6 months. Embassy says administrative processing takes 8 months, the List Project Organization says it takes 9 months . So if you all answer the question above, then we can calculate the average time for SIV administrative processing. Please do answer the question.

Thanks to all,

مختصر مفيد البارحة اجاني ايميل من الNVC وبعنوان COM Approval Withdrawn وبداخلها ال Attachment وهي سحب الجيف أوف مشن من عندي. والي افتهمتة هذا رفض لل VISA. اكو احد مر بهيج موقف؟ وطبعا صارلي 6 اشهر من قابلت بالسفارة

Did they tell you the reasons for the withdrawal? Do you have the document? if you do please post it here


اخوان الموضوع كذب ليش تفكيركم محدود
كاتب الفجر موضوع و أول مشاركة
لعد وينة من جان ينتظر قبل المقابلة وبعد المقابلة ست أشهر هذولة بيهم أمراض حتة الاخ رامي البابلي كال لتصدكون شخص مشاركتة قليلة يحجي الصدك خباثة ( لو صدك كلامة جان ينزل الايميل والرفض  ::) )

صاااااااااارت أديمة

صح، بس اذا هو مو اس اي ڤي، شلون يعرف چيف اوف ميشن اپروڤال؟

You know it actually makes sense to me, because Homeland Security issues COM and homeland security is rechecking all the cases now! so why not??

As Aihma said your supervisor's task is over. But  they may need to contact him. So I suggest, you contact your supervisor, get a new email address from him and then give it to the embassy. Just in case, you never know what happens. They may need to contact him before you travel to US.

When you write to embassy make sure they know you are talking about your POC (Point of Contact), that is what the embassy calls a Supervisor. I am warning you for this, just so they know you are talking about your POC not someone else. Because if you keep on talking about "my supervisor, my supervisor" they may not understand who you are exactly referring to.

So do that brother, do not leave it to hopes. Try to call your POC, email him, or contact a friend of his so they can get his new email for you , if you do not have it.

Finally, if you couldnt get his email, then inform the embassy about the change anyways, tell them you have tried all you could do to get his email address, but could not do it.

That is just a suggestion!
Wish you the best bro!

السلام عليكم جميعا اخواني واخواتي في هذا المنتدى الرائع
اليوم صباحا كنت مع 3 من اصدقائي وكلهم اجاهم تلفون من الدي اج ال يكوللهم تعالو استلموا البريد مالتكم من السفارة
اخوان ادعوكم للتفائل ان شاء الله انفكت الجبسة وللعلم ذولي الثلاثة ماسامعين اصلا بهذا المنتدى اكيد اكو عالم تستلم فيز واحنه مندري
تحياتي Knight 6

من هم؟

Hey brother who are those guys, can you give us their nicknames? have they been on Ankawa.com?

Guys this is a very good idea. But look we cannot do this individually. If we try alone, each one of us, no one will take us serious. Lets create a group and try all of us together. Kunda, you can represent all of us and contact more government bodies and newsppaers.  

I have already made a facebook page, and about 20 SIV applicants have gathered there. So please join the page and so we can send emails in the name of all of us. Which I think is much more effective.


Please lets put our efforts together and contact as many people as we can!

Guys I summarized the senate hearing about visa issuance here read it:


Sorry my Arabic is not good enough to write in Arabic, so I did it in English, hope you will find it useful! lol

اشو   انلاصت  :o

What does Ashoo Anlasat mean?

Today, US senate discussed SIV and new security measurements. Its 172 minutes long. Here is the link:


I will provide a summery of the discussion, later. Currently watching it.

I think this means

 if you have been waiting for like 7 - 8 months, that means you are not in danger of being refused. They refuse SIVs around five months after the interview!

What do you guys think?

But guys, if you have been waiting for like 7 - 8 months, that means you are not in danger of being refused. They refuse SIVs around five months after the interview!

Thanks bro for publishing these articles, btw get ready to be excuted by the members who are waiting for SIV ;D

they are against any articles like the ones you had posted.

Peace in middle east ;D

 SIV has already executed me! so let the SIVers to execute me, as well!

One of the articles reads:

In June Zero visas were given. people are denied visa despite having all the needed documents! What else could these guys do to us!!!

Look at this "Meanwhile, the news from Iraq is that a man who risked his life to work as an interpreter for the American military is denied a U.S. visa despite a dozen letters from officers testifying to his bravery and decency. No reason given, which, when you think about it, is worse than a statement from Nolan Ryan. This interpreter is far from alone. A few years ago, Congress mandated that five thousand special immigrant visas be issued annually to Iraqis and Afghans with ties to the U.S. government. So far this year, the number actually issued is around two hundred and forty; in June, zero. Perhaps because of charges against an Iraqi couple in Kentucky, the gates, having been pushed slightly open for a few years, have all but closed. Which is about where things stood back in 2007, when people first started calling attention to this scandal. Tim Arango’s story in the Times makes very familiar reading.

Hi everyone, I read these two articles, one from New York times and another one from somewhere else, they are absolutely discouraging. I think we should all make plan B and perhaps forget about SIV.

Read the Ny times article here:


I have posted the other article on SIV applicants facebook page" here:

This is SAD, I hope they will do something about the visa.  >:( :'(

I do not think, increasing or decreasing officials at the embassy of Baghdad would change anything about administrative processing. Administrative processing is not done at the embassy level. The embassy itself says its a multi-agent process, meaning there are other organizations/ government bodies  that work on administrative processing. And one more reason that it is not related to Baghdad embassy is that, I have done my interview in Ankara 8 months ago, still here I am . I know other people who have been waiting for a similar period of time.  So if you think hiring officials at Baghdad affects the process, what about other  embassies?! its delayed in America not in single embassies! Cougar

I was asked for Bayan Wilade too. I emailed the embassy and said I cannot get a Bayan Wilada. They said Jinsya, and  Jinsya Iraqiya and other documents that prove you are an Iraqi, would be fine. So I would say email them before you  go. And take Jinsya, Jinsya Iraqiya, and Surat Qayd, with you, you will be fine. I did that! but in Ankara US embassy!

Please Join, Iraqi SIV Applicants' Page on Facebook, here is the link:


Alright guys, Listen up, I got some good news for you

I sent a letter to an organization in the States, as I told some of you guys before, I sent the letter/email in the name of all of us. The organization works to only help Iraqi interpreters to get to the united states.

Anyways, I asked them to help us find out an answer about the SIV visas and why is it halted.

The good news is:

It will resume soon. They told me that after the interview SIV applicants have to wait for about nine months for the administrative processing. They said this is new, they have added detailed screening due to security issues. I will post a copy of my email and the organization's email reply on SIV page in facebook. If you want to read the emails in detail, please check SIV page on facebook here is the link:


I also told them about our security situation in Iraq and our fears of been left behind after the withdrawal of US troops. They asked me if anyone of us is in instant danger, so if you are in instant danger tell me so I can put you in touch with the organization to help you.

Like I said I will post the emails on our facebook page so please go there read it and relax for a bit,  forget about the stress !

Here is the link of the emails if you want to read them:


Have a great day!

Hi, sorry for you, its indeed a loooooooooooong time. But hey you are not alone, I have been waiting 7 months after the interview. anyway, I have created a Facebook page to gather us all there, and then we may be able to contact organizations like the LIST PROJECT  and tell them to find out whats going on , so please join the Iraqi SIV Applicants' Page and tell your SIV friends to join, here is the link:


Hi, Thanks for the good news.

I posted your good news on Iraqi SIV Applicants' Page and cited your name, I hope its Ok.

Please join Iraqi SIV Applicant's page, we are trying to gather all the SIVs in one place, so please join, here is the link:


Hey SIV guys please join this facebook page, Iraqi SIV Applicants' Page:


If we all join the page, we can contact some organizations and tell them about our situation,, we can probably get 'an organization like the 'List Project  to at least find us some answers about the visa dela

Hey SIV guys please join this facebook page, Iraqi SIV Applicants' Page:


If we all join the page, we can contact some organizations and tell them about our situation,, we can probably get 'an organization like the 'List Project  to at least find us some answers about the visa delay.

Cougar, I was interviewed in Ankara on Nov. 10th 2010.

I like this interpretation of the facts! except for one, which looked a bit sarcastic, but other than that, a perfect analysis.

Hello everyone!
I have some news for you all. Its not a very pleasant piece of  news , but still worth sharing.

US state Department has halted visa processing for the Middle East countries. Its not known when or even if they  resume the visa issuance again. The Arab Kuwaiti  news paper, the National has published an article that says so. Here is the link of comments on the article. I could not find the article, but did not search for it  very much. Here take a look at this link: http://www.arabtimesonline.com/NewsDetails/tabid/96/smid/414/ArticleID/169237/reftab/69/t/All-types-of-visas-stopped-for-Pakistanis-Iranians-Syrians-and-Iraqis/Default.aspx

Please if you have the time and guts for it, search for the article and share it.

Cougar, Interview Date: Nov. 10th 2010

اخوان هذا الكروب يخص جماعة الSIV  فقط .كل واحد مقدم على الSIVيكتب سيرة حياة معاملته مع الSIV ولايقبل اي موضوع لايخص هذا الكروب او يضيع الفائده على الاخرين بامور جانبيه غير مفيده...ارجو منكم الدقة بالتواريخ خدمه لكل اخواننا المقدميين على الSIV مع الشكر...
ابدا بمعاملتي:
1- قدمت على الSIV بتاريخ 14-9-2009
2-اخذت الCOMبتاريخ  6-7-2010
3-قدمت اوراقي الى نبراسكا بتاريخ 18-7-2010
4-حصلت على الكيس نمبر بتاريخ  22-8-2010
5-قابلت بتاريخ  12-1-2011
انا الان بانتظار الفيزه...

I did my interview on November 10th 2010 in Ankara. Still waiting.

Here is my MSN if anyone wants to contact me:


Hi, everyone!
My apologies I do not speak good Arabic that is why I wrote in English, (I am Kurdish). anyway, I have  finished the first interview. When I was in the embassy they told me wait for 4- 6 weeks then we will issue you a visa. But it has been 6-7 months already. I did my interview in November in Ankara!

Anyone has a similar issue? please share your story if you do!


اخوي لاتديربال اني هم مثلك قابلت 10/11/2010 كلولي خلال شهرين يجيك فيزا وانطوني نفس هذا ويب سايت ..وهذا ئيملي  m.polukh@yahoo.com اذا تريد لكي نناقش موضوع :-\

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